&what | Tom Ford.

i don’t rock molly, i rock tom ford. – Jay Z

Lately I’ve been loving fashion documentaries. I always wanted to be a creative soul but I’ve come to face that I’m just not. And, that’s ok. But i still love hearing about how other creative souls have found what they love and made it in the ruthless fashion world.

Tom Ford is an inspiration. He found what he loved in life and went with it. He single handedly took creative control of Gucci and steered the label away from bankruptcy in 1994. How? He took risks and broke a few rules, that is what I really enjoyed  about this documentary. I think sometimes as women or just people in general, we don’t follow our gut feelings or take enough risks. When really, sometimes that is just what we need to make it.

Tom Ford was given a load of responsibility early on in his career accepted it with bravery, believing in his experience and getting that extra push from his passion. From there he became an amazing success, created his own line and is now rapped about by Jay-Z and rocked by celebrities.

If you need some inspiration, watch Tom Ford’s Visionary documentary here. It reminds you to never stop trying to find your true passion and that it’s ok to be different, bold and brave in your decisions – it’s a good thing.

&what x.

OWN: Tom Ford Visionary Documentary

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&what | NYC awesome list.

This summer was my first time in NYC. Living in Toronto for 20 years, the flight only being 1 hour away with the fancy Porter island airport  – let’s just say it was much overdue. Working with a load of New Yorkas in London it was natural that I asked literally everyone that I knew had ever been to tell me everything!

This is how I ended up with the NYC awesome list. i like to think of it as a little pieces of everyone i know that loves NYC as much as I do. of course, after being there and visiting almost everywhere on the NYC awesome list.

Some of my favourite places on this list were shared with us by one of the greatest ladies who just picked up and moved her life to the fabulous city last month. This lady sent me an email that had literally been forwarded and shared to 10 people before us, guess it’s kind of like a grandma handing down a recipe. But instead, its a recipe for the most awesome trip to NYC – hence the name, naturally.

[drumroolllll please.] here it is in all it’s glory!! hopefully you will get to visit some of these NYC gems and love them as much as i did.

What are your favourite NYC hangouts?




  1. Pulqueria is down an alley in Chinatown on Doyers Lane. Potential celeb spotting place. Amazing legitimate Mexican food and delicious fresh fruit margaritas. It’s underground. Make a reservation.
  2. BAR Pitti. This is between soho and the west village. It’s incredible Italian, sidewalk culture. Ridiculous pastas and salads and pizza. Feels like Europe.
  3. The Cardinal. Southern style. Yum!!! Really cool vibes.
  4. Grimaldi’s Pizza. CHEAP. One in Brooklyn, one on the west side, 5th Ave and 20th. Best pizza in NY, wood ovens, thin crust.


  1. Jack’s Wife Freda on Lafayette is my favouite brunch place. Fresh, light, good prices but delicious. SOOO cute. Awesome lemonade and delicious food.
  2. Lafayette, also on Lafayette street. Owned by the same people as the Dutch (which is around the corner from you) but is definitely the better of the two. Yummy. More expensive that JWF but not crazily so.
  3. Balthazar is the famous, French bistro in Soho. It’s awesome. Expensive. If you don’t feel like it or have time, they have a take out window and you can buy a pain au chocolat or whatever as you browse in Soho. Try make a reso. The MOMA store is across the road. They also just opened one in London if you fancy it.

COCKTAILS, PARTYING (Ok, I’m sure you’ll prefer a dive bar but in CASE you feel like it, here are some amazing places):

  1. The Dead Rabbit is waaaay down at the bottom of the island (but that’s legit only a $10 cab ride from Soho). They’re pretty new and are getting raves. On the ground floor it’s an Irish pub. Totally non assuming, not weird and fancy (like the Aviary). My friend said it was the best lobster roll of her life. They still serve some cocktails down there, along with food. Upstairs is the cocktail lounge with an incredible list.
  2. Apotheke is like an old fashioned apothecary. Bartenders in white coats, a million bottle. But the cocktails are arranged with the properties they have. Tonics, Aphrodesiacs etc.. They’re incredible. The DJs there are always amazing too, but it’s a bar/Lounge vibe, with people drinking and having fun. Not an Underground vibe, wasted and dancing. It’s also underground, down an alley in Chinatown. You wouldn’t know about it if you were just walking by. But the street is Doyers Lane, next to Pulqeria restaurant. And there will be smokers outside and a bouncer so you can spot it.
  3. Little Branch – is pretty good. Opened during the height of the Speakeasy cocktail vibe
  4. Death and Co – prohibition vibe. Just go.
  5. No Malice Palace – the best drunken dancing I did there was at this rando bar  on the LES. It’s chill, regular people.
  6. Le Bain – I haven’t been but I know Le Bain at the Standard is crazy. This is fancy party people.


  1. Gray’s Papaya – Go get mini hotdogs and tropicals slushies at 3am from Gray’s Papaya. $5 for 2 tiny dogs and a drink. The original Grays Papaya, not the knock offs! They’re cheap, hilarious. You’ll have a chance to chat with hookers and cops for suresies.

&what | London Fashion Weekend.

Bright and early this morning we rocked up to Sommerset House. This is one of my favourite places in London. Today, it became even more magical. The hustle and bustle in the main open square was infectious. Everyday fashionistas dressed up in their trendiest outfits holding tickets to their peek into the what the real life fashionistas see everyday.

We sat second row for the Ashish show. I have volunteered at Toronto Fashion Week and seen a few shows before, but this was on another level of beauty. The models walked with such poise and style. They each had their very own signature step. The clothes fit them perfectly, hugging in all of the right places. The massive lights shining from above and the flashes from the photographers snapping made the sequinned dresses [massive trend for Ashish] twinkle.

Ashish is a London based fashion designer from India that debuted in 2001. His work this season was all about the sequins. These took all forms, from neon dresses, plaid pants and even a construction themed 2-piece suit.

Following the fashion show we had a little fun of our own with Canon. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon came to light in a 3D photo with the help of 48 cameras. Amazing!

London Fashion Week and Weekend have now come to a close. The Spring and Summer collections will make their way into the shops and London will prepare to be taken over by fashionistas yet again next spring. Maybe this time we’ll get an invite to the real fashion week…

&what x









&what | peonies.

I prefer the flower market to the stock market.

And that, is exactly where the girls and I headed today. We made a stop at the V&A (Victoria & Albert museum) before this adventure but I will tell you more about that later.

Picked up some peonies to brighten up my room. They are currently sitting in a plastic pitcher of water until I can get a proper vase. Every civilized woman should have a vase. For those times when Mr.X surprises you with flowers – or when you treat yourself to your own.

-&what x

&what | Club to Catwalk.

It’s London Fashion Week. This really excites me.

Firstly because all of my favourite bloggers in the world are in my city – yes, I stalk their Instagram.

And secondly, because it reminds me that it’s time for a closet cleanse.

In honour of LFW, the Victoria and Albert museum hosted an exhibit – Club to Catwalk. The girls and I paid a visit to find fashion through the ages was much more exciting and revolutionary than the H&M and TopShop basics behind our closet doors. In the 80s there was such an obsession with being different and customizing your own clothes, creating trends that actually inspired high fashion catwalk creations. It was all about spandex and thinking up different ways to layer the new fabric innovations. Models danced down the runways, weren’t stick thin and now? Well, it’s different. Our parents were busting out gusty outfits and defining themselves by what they wore, I find I’m scouring Pinterest for the latest trends and looking pretty much the same as every other girl out there. Trends in the past inspired the catwalk where as now our trends are dictated by subdued versions of the catwalk.

By no means am I one of those girls that actively avoids trends and tries to subvert them. But, I do think there is something special about the statement piece that everyone doesn’t have or that little vintage and charity shop find that helps distinguish your style from the rest.

This fall I will be on the hunt for my statement piece that’s just a little bit different and a throwback to the days where people went a crazy with their fashion and danced down the runways. You’ll hear about it when I find it. Any good places to start looking?

-&what x

&what | guinness cake.

Guinness is good for you – especially when in the form of cake!

My flatmate Grace and I tried our hand at baking after coming home from the pub – a lovely idea. Move over Nigella, because we’ve got this. After downing a few glasses of wine (would have been Guinness if we didn’t put a little extra in the cake), this creation wasn’t so pretty but let me tell you it was delish. There were a few battle wounds to prove our baking victory. Definitely recommend this one. Try the recipe from Nigella here.

-&what x