&what | the heath.

Happy Sunday!

Woke up super early because the clocks went back last night, which means only one thing – time for sunday funday! The sun was shining over London making it the perfect morning to head to Hampstead Heath and break a sweat. The park was full of falling leaves, dogs playing fetch and children stomping through the mud in their wellies. Seriously, looked like it was straight from a movie set. Let me tell you, running on the treadmill you feel like a track superstar. In the cold, up the slippery hills, not so much.¬†Our run didn’t actually last that long but was enough to justify digging in to Ben & Jerry’s when we got home. YUM.

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&what | happy thanksgiving.

It’s Thanksgiving weekend in the homeland. Literally one of my favourite holidays of the year. Not only do you get to wear leggings the whole weekend and stuff your face with turkey until you feel like one, but you get to remember everything you’re thankful for. It’s always the best when you sit at the dinner table with your wine glass in hand and toast to everything you love the most in your life.

Every year we bring the Thanksgiving tradition to the UK, it’s always the same struggle. For some reason, you can’t find turkey in this country unless you pre-order it from a special butcher, and really who has time for that. So, poor Mr. Chicken, always ends up in our oven as the turkey sub. The girls and I made a full on amazing Thanksgiving dinner, pretty proud of ourselves considering it was our first time roasting a chicken (no shame).

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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&what | London lately.

London has been lovely lately!

The last few weeks have been filled with wayyyyy too many burgers at Shake Shack and Meat Mission (make sure you document your meat face in the photo booth!), even more cocktails at The Social Eating House (The Blind Pig’s Cereal Killer & Silver Screen are simply delightful) and dancing in Dalston at our new fave dive bar, The Alibi. Everyone needs a place where they can be shameless, we’ve found it.

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&what | gosling week.

This week, of all weeks in the life of ashleymadeline shall officially be named: Gosling Week.

Why you ask? Well, in the past 4 days I have seen more of this man than any other form of the male species. Sad, you may say, however I consider myself blessed.

We recently invested in a Now TV box – amazing – and have come home everyday this week to find ourselves sat on the couch watching good old Gosling.

It started on Friday, sat in our onesies, drinking wine, eating spaghetti and meatballs watching All Good Things. Terrible movie. SPOILER ALERT: There is a point where Gosling dresses up as an old lady. Not his finest moment.

Allowing Gosling to regain himself, we watched the Notebook. This was accompanied by a full tub of Ben & Jerrys Cookie Dough. Shameful how quickly it goes when you scoop between sobs.

The third Gosling classic we watched was Crazy Stupid Love. Possibly his best film ever, but let’s see what the rest of the week holds for us. Drive is up next.

Every lady should be so lucky to have a Gosling week in her life. It uplifts you, restores your faith in the male kind and is pretty much great for your all around health. Doctors should start prescribing this shit.

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(source: Pinterest)

&what | TDOT.

Sitting with a cuppa, made by my flatmate as I still haven’t mastered this British art form, reminiscing of summer days. Things on &what were quiet, things in the life of ashleymadeline were anything but.

After 8 amazing months in the London abyss, I returned to the homeland to be reunited with my loves.

It looked like this: lots of wine, lots of laughs, lots of love and lots of pictures of the CN Tower. Yes, Mr.X was mildly obsessed.

Toronto is a lovely city. Taking a holiday in the homeland is sometimes just what you need to be reminded of this.

-&what x