&what | london, you beauty.

Summer in London is unbeatable. But, it’s days like these that remind me just how wonderful winter is!

Woke up this morning to the light peeking through my curtains. Opened them to be blinded by the sunshine and clear blue skies. Not one who loves wearing sunnies in the winter – however this day was an obvious exception.

Slipped on the RayBans, wrapped ourselves up in scarves and popped on my new TopShop furry pompom hat. The girls and I headed for The Heath. Everytime we do something we fancy, big plans are made to do it every coming week. As you can imagine, that never happens. However, this was our second week in a row paying The Heath a visit on a Sunday. We skipped the run this time and opted for cake at Kenwood House instead.

London is such a stunner. Put on your wellies and take a walk in The Heath next Sunday – you might get a little muddy, but it’s worth it. Especially for the delish Apple Cinnamon cake waiting for you at Kenwood! Have you every been to Hampstead Heath?

-&what x

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&what | time for tea.

The sun was shining, the winter wind was blowing and the kettle was brewing. It was time for tea!

Spent the day touring around my favourite city in the whole world, drinking my favourite thing in the whole world. We started off at the British Museum, getting lost on the way but didn’t mind as Miss D & I had loads to catch up on. Walked around this gorgeous piece of British architecture – have to head back soon for the Shunga: sex and humour in Japanese Art exhibition (steamy!).




After all that walking and being oh so cultured, we deserved a treat. The Charlotte Street Hotel was the perfect place to get settled for the afternoon. Tea, cakes, scones, sandwiches and some bubbles were on our mind! The Charlotte Street Hotel was prepping for the holidays and had just put their Christmas tree up – think we’ll have to pay another visit to Colombia Road to pick out ours soon!



Our buttons were busting after all of this food! Had to walk it off on a trip to TopShop of course. Spotted some cute pieces including a trendy black fedora that I had to get my hands on.

Styling out my new chapeau we made our way over to Bourne & Hollingsworth for some cocktails in teacups! Can you guess the theme of the day? These may just be my new favourite thing to drink out of a tea cup.



Hope you’ve had a lovely afternoon!

& what x




&what | night tales.

Thursday we moseyed on over to Dalston for some hipster hangouts.

Hidden away in a car-park and underground bunker we got into the festive spirit at Night Tales. We sipped on Hotty Toddys, my new favourite whisky based winter warming drink, and indulged in some seriously tasty treats.


The Abbott car park was transformed with fairy lights, picnic tables and open fires. Marshmellows will be coming with us next time!



After downing a few Hotty Toddys and warmed cider, our stomachs were grumbling. East London street food extraordinaire, Smokey Tails’, was our first food stall pick. The queue was massive, but we didn’t mind after the surprise ‘smokey’ tequila shots. The smokey mac n’cheese and these crispy smoked chicken wings were amazing, literally could have eaten an entire mountain of them.



One more Hotty Toddys down (yes they were that strong!), our tastebuds wanted to go on a new adventure. Le Petit Paris was frying up some bacon wrapped french toast (heaven!) and right beside we spotted the sweetest homemade macaroons. BAO had a steamed pork bun with the most delish mix of textures that could make you swear off eating anything else but those for LIFE! Patty & Bun had a burger dedicated to Ari Gold, awesomeness, NEED to get that in my belly next time.




Night Tales is on for 6 more weeks so get your booty down to Dalston!

&what x

&what | bonfire night.

Remember, remember the…2nd of November!

Last Saturday eve we celebrated bonfire night in Winchester. The town was beautifully illuminated as everyone walked down the old cobblestone streets with torches towards the bonfire. With our fluffy hats on and hot chocolate in hand, we were ready to watch the bonfire burn. At 3 -stories high and lit by a fireball canon, this bonfire was seriously a pyro’s dream. On top of the fire sat a little man name Guy Fawkes (fake of course!). Guy Fawkes tried to blow up parliament in the 1600s but failed, which is why this whole tradition originated. What better way to mark the day than with bonfires around the country, burning him? Still doesn’t make too much sense to me, but i do love a campfire and a 3-story one is even better! The real bonfire night was on Tuesday, but lucky us, it feels like we’ve had a free show every night with all of the left over fireworks. 🙂

& what x