walking in a winter wonderland.

Oh yes, there’s no place like home! That’s what Dorothy said when she clicked her sparkly red heels and that’s exactly what I was thinking as I strutted my way onto the Air Canada flight across the ocean and off in the homeland.

Little did I know, the ice queen was preparing for my arrival. Let me tell you, she showed herself in full force when the plane pretty much did a hockey skate slide to a stop on the runway.

I always love coming home at Christmas time when the snow is falling, wind is blowing and I know that there will be a winter wonderland waiting for me!

This time, however, I didn’t come home to a ‘winter wonderland’ but rather the second ice age in full action. Canada froze over and for 4 days our city was out of power! We froze our butts off inside playing our 100th game of Scrabble and went to the pub (A LOT) to keep warm. TIP: if you are ever without heat in the winter, whisky and coke works just as well.

Luckily, on Christmas morning the power workers saved the day and brought us the best Christmas gift of all! Just in time for me to force my twin brother to snap some pictures of us enjoying the gorgeousness of the remnants of the what ice queen left behind.

Hope you’re enjoying your holidays! x

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