&what | meat people.

Admit it…we all love a bit of meat, people!

On today’s edition of Sunday Funday we missioned over to Angel (one of the dreamiest places to live in london if you aren’t the heir to a small fortune). Steak on a sunday is glorious. When the slab of beef is cooked to perfection and comes with a side of grease dripping fries, your hangover can’t help but hail you.

This quaint little restaurant had a classy hook to hang my coat and was coincidentally tiled in what I want for my future kitchen. The wooden floors looked like they had a couple good stories stomped in them and the jazz playing the background took us back. Great conversations and future planning of these full glasses of red made for the perfect end to a lovely weekend.

Our full bellies moseyed on over to the Barbican for the Pop Art Design exhibition where my love for Andy Warhol was reignited. We then proceeded to decorate our future home with iconic pop art and furniture which we’ll of course have when that small fortune arrives. If you’re a fan of pop culture, a few good Marshall McLuan references and of course an art aficionado head over to the Barb.

The best part of this Sunday Funday was the meal rang up super cheap with our coupon code. If you keep your eyes peeled, you can find some delightful and delish places to eat your heart out in london without emptying your wallet. Check out Meat People in Islington, if you’re lucky there may still be a deal on. Hope your Sunday has been as as yummy as mine.

-&what  x

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&what | under the sea.

The last day of my last weekend in the Tdot was spent with the fishes! We trotted through the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada pretending we had glowing red hair, trousers that turned us into little mermaids with the most fitting tune running through our heads. I’ll give you a hint – it features a little crab named Sebastian. This post will definitely be more fun if you turn up the volume (Under the sea – The Little Mermaid.).

Gianni was supposed to be in Mexico, actually swimming with the fishes, but missed his flight. So we rescued him from boredom until he could catch his next one (hopefully!).

Here’s a little tip if you’re planning on going to the aquarium anytime soon – book in advance, unless of course you want to be waiting until you have grey hairs.

Once inside we were taken deep into the Canadian Great Lake waters where we saw giant octopuses, crazy coloured lobsters and a scary platipus fish with a giant mouth. Let’s just say that I won’t be taking a dip at the cottage anytime soon now that I know those sea monsters will be accompanying me. The Rainbow Reef was my favourite part. There were so many beautiful colours, with gorgeous varieties of fish and some not so gorgeous – like the sword nosed one smiling at us and the great white share showing his pearly whites. Already dreaming of a diving trip in Thailand or Oz. Now, anyone want to come with me?

Here’s a sneak peek at our Sunday Funday under the sea!

 -&what x.

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