&what | THE ACE.

The Ace Hotel Photobooth - Shoreditch, London

In the land of hipsters, man buns and manicured beards (also known as Shoreditch) you will find The Ace Hotel. Head there on a Saturday evening and you will feel like you’ve hopped on a jet to NYC.

Fancy cocktails, arty types, a smorgasbord of creative people definitely on Happen, this is one of the place in London you need to check out. They also have a photobooth (as all bars should) where after one bottle of wine in, the love for photo strips runs a little too deep. It only takes pound coins so come prepared and avoid spending 20 quid on more photo strips that you can fit in one Instagram post.

-&what x

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&what | happy days.

   Last night Char and I went to B.Y.O.C – a cocktail bar in Covent Garden where you bring your own alcohol and they make as many cocktails as you want using fresh juices. After nearly polishing off a giant bottle of vods to ourselves, let’s just say we knew there wasn’t much happening today. Hampstead Heath sounded like the perfect place to walk off the hangover in the sun. All the little dogs taking a dip in the lake made me want a pooch of my own! That little French Bulldog is just the one.

-&what x

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&what | twin power.

Meet my twin, his name is Harry. We’re pretty much identical, except he’s a boy. He was born exactly 2 minutes before me so technically he’s older, but growing up I was the bossy one and always told him what kind of ice cream he wanted. Things haven’t changed too much.

Being home for a quick stop over last weekend (of a mere 72 hours) made miss him even more! He likes to pick things up, one of those things being me. We also like to sip tea with our pinkies up and when I’m leaving the homeland to fly back to Londontown he’s never impressed with holding my heavy bags but does it anyway.

Family is the greatest treasure in the world. And p.s. ladies, he’s single! 😉

-&what x

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