&what | mac-attack.

There is nothing I love more in this world than the taste of carbs covered with fine varieties of real or powdered cheese. The taste of the gooey cheese covered pieces of elbow pasta that have a perfect hole to hide a secret pocket of sauce so when your teeth break through an extra bust of goodness is encountered. The fine spiced bread crumbs on top baked to add a little extra crisp…seriously, perfection.

Mishkin’s is a little Jewish deli tucked away in the theatre district, hidden from the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden and Leicester Square (or Lie-chester as us Canadians like to call it).  Friday night, my belly needed filling over a girlie catch up with Davina. Cocktails were the first thing on my mind (and also this cringe Nsync song that pretty much summed up how I was feeling – ‘Thank God it’s Friday night and I just got PAID’). That quickly changed to food- when I saw the holy grail of mac and cheese on the menu – ‘Salt Beef and Colemans’. The marriage of my two favourite Jewish delicacies made Mishkin’s my new heaven on earth.


After all that, I ordered classic mac with a side of Chicken Matzo Ball soup (still doesn’t compare to my mama’s!) and plenty of Spring Fling Cocktails. Girlie chats, good food and a cozy atmosphere made for the perfect start to the weekend! Despite having to be rolled home after scraping the sweet ceramic plate clean, every bit of the mac-attack was worth it.

Fancy a mac-attack of your own? Visit Mishkin’s here.


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&what | sundays.

Sunday may quite possibly be my most favourite day of the weekend. Really, every day of the weekend is the best, but Sunday is the best of the best. You get to sleep in, are probably a bit hungover which means you can just slob around but somehow tend to be oddly productive and it’s ok to turn the lights out at 10PM in your biggest wool sweater without missing out or feeling a bit like a granps.

Anways, this Sunday, just like every other one was simply lovely. We went to The Abbey Tavern for some hungover burgers and the most delish macaroni and cheese croquettes. This has become an obsession of mine which seriously needs an intervention. This was the pub where our night was ending/ had just begun earlier that morning. The daylight had transformed the tavern making it an ideal spot for an incognito indulgence into a greasy ball burger and a read of the Kentishtowner.

Hope you had a lovely Sunday!

– x –