&what | FIELD DAY.

June 7th – Field Day Day! Summer 2014 kicked off with DJ sets, truck loads of gin and tonic, sunshine after the rain (British weathermen can’t be trusted!) and some serious dance parties.

Field Day is my kind of festival – gigs all day long minus the dreaded over night camping. It was at Victoria Park in East London with over 40 acts playing that day. Safe to say, we only saw 4 but that was the best we could do! Jon Hopkins played on the main stage, finishing off with a top set. We also saw Jackmaster, Jamie XX and SBTRKT. Wish we could have snuck away from Jamie XX to see GhostPoet (he’s amazing!) but when you manage to snag front row seats like we did, you don’t give them up for A N Y T H I N G.

I love a good after party and we had the best of intentions to continue our love affair with Jackmaster at Oval Space post-fest, but the day got the best of us and our tired little feeties wanted to go home instead. Washed those tickets down the drain, grandma behaviour. It was still the perfect way to kick off summer in the sunshine. Definitely going back next year! What’s your favourite festival to kick off the summer?

-&what x

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&what | sunday mornings.

Sunday morning, get me a coffee stat. Preferably one just like this from Kingsland Cafe in Dalston.

Currently laying in bed on Pinterest building up my words board. Here are  few bits of inspiration i’ve picked up along the way. Love a good quote to make you feel like you can do anything. Next step, actually doing it.

The sun in shining in London, going to get the legs out and work on that tan. Hope you have a lovely day too.

-&what x

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&what | girlie london weekend.

4 things you need to do for the ultimate girlie weekend in London!

You’ve got your girls, now you need a full day lined up of activities. Every girl group loves a day full of pampering, girlie chat and delicious cheat food, all in between sips of champers. Well, you’ll have to bring the champagne, but we’ve got everything else covered. Next girlie weekend: sorted.

1. Stroll over to Broadway Market with an empty belly. 

Take the Overground to Hackney Central station. Walk  past Oslo (have faint memories of making new friends in the outdoor section that looks nothing like it did the other night), by City Hall (*awwww* at the weddings) and through London Fields (Hipster Dad Alert: be on the lookout). By the time you reach the market you and the girls will probably be ferociously hungry. Well, grab a slice of much deserved avocado on toast and freshly pressed apple juice from Climpson and Sons. Be sure to have on of the girls stand guard outside so you can get a seat on the benches. The BEST people watching.


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2. Give your toes a little treat with a first class (Honalulu Hopper) pedicure. 

You’re stuffed and ready to roll on to the next girlie date. Every girl’s toes need a little bit of tender love and care. MW Nails in Old Spitalfield’s market will give your feeties the first class treatment. And, with the right Instagram croppage, may fool your friends into thinking you’re on the most fabulous jet. Just tell your girls to keep a little secret. 😉


photo 2

3. Pick up some peonies. 

Food – check. Pampering pedicure – check. Peonies? On your way to grab them! Flowers freshen up your home and can make any girl feel special – even if you treat yourself to them. Colombia Road has peonies for the best price – especially if you head there for 5PM when all of the flower sellers are looking to give their flowers to a good home (or get rid of them…).  Only catch is, you have to go there on a Sunday. Broadway market has some lovely flowers, but they are a bit more expensive and only there on a Saturday.

photo 1

4. Hit up a photo booth.

Final stop! Scrounge together your change (4 GBP exactly) and squish you and all of your girls into a photo booth. Everything is Instagrammed these days, but the old school photo booths are still the best. Just think, 50 years down the line you can still find one laying around in your old wallets.

Best snap results? Check out the photo booth at Pizza East – downstairs by the bathroom. It’s a little small to fit everyone in, but the pictures published have a vintage feel. Fancy a little something with more swag? The Ace Hotel is your photo booth my friend. Warning: It can get a little bit obsessive, we’ve spend over 20 quid in one of these! Just make sure you don’t have too much more than 4 GBP in coins…it will go quickly. The ones below were taken at The Ace Hotel.



    photo 4

-& what x