&what | Wahaca.

Aribaaaa! Mexican food is my fave and Wahaca is one of the best places for it.

Saturday at Southbank after snapping loads of pics during our Photography course (will tell you more about that later!) we were haaangry. So Wahaca it was!

They had just launched their new Watermelon margarita – a m a z i n g. I had 4 of them – clearly convincing myself that fashion week wasn’t only 2 weeks away.

photo 3

Davina and I waited in the bar with some nachos and fresh guac until our table was ready.

 photo 2

Summer is coming to an end! So we sat outside on the patio for one of our last few lunches in the sun before the scarves come out. I had a chicken burrito with an extra touch of spice and Davina took the healthy option and went for some sweet potatoes and a vegetarian quesedilla. Perfection. Love summertime hangouts with old friends – we caught up about everything that’s happened since our university days. Friends are getting married, buying houses and doing grown up things, while it feels like I’m still so young and so far away from being anywhere near ready for those big steps. No need to rush though!

-&what x.

&what | brunching it.

Brunching it at Hoi Polloi, doesn’t get more eggcellent than this!

A-fed, a Canadian ex-pat like me decided to give up her London life and make the move to LA sunshine. Can’t blame her – those palm trees and that MBA she’ll be getting. It’s all about the brains and beauty people.

A proper team send off was in order, of course that means taking a couple hours out of our day to gossip over warm flat whites. The menus were printed on newsprint and all of the cups were metal, reminiscent of my Scandinavian design board on Pinterest.

 Of course brunch couldn’t be complete without indulging in Eggs Royale or Hoi Polloi’s fluffy maple syrup pancakes with bacon – just like they make them in the homeland. A perfect Canadian treat. 🙂

Hoi Polloi is The Ace Hotel’s restaurant, just through from the bar. Definitely the perfect place for girlie catch-ups over delish brunch! Can’t wait to get back there.

On your way out, walk through The Ace Hotel flower shop – just gorgeous! Made me wish I could spend my days surrounded by lilies and rather than laptops.

-&what x

Hoi Polloi, Eggs Royale - Shoreditch London

Square Meal

&what | black & white.

These black and white treasures arrived in the post from ASOS this week!

Super comfy, these black and white leather espadrilles went out in the sunshine on my feeties to The Love Festival at Southbank this weekend. Only thing missing, those two Cs – a girl can dream! They’re on sale and still available here.

Get them before summer’s over! With the torrential downpour in London today, it might already be. 🙁

-&what x.

&what | parties, ponds and poets.

Swimming in the Hampstead Heath Ponds North London - Andwhat blog

I live for the weekend! It’s a fact. London weekends just have this thing about them that make you feel like you’re on a mini-city break. The key is to have a list of all of the things you want to do, then try to fit as many of them as possible into two full days.

What was on the list last weekend?

Swimming in the Hampstead Heath Mixed Ponds

Dalston Street Feast

Drinks with the girls (at one of our fave places – always East)

XOYO to see Jack Master

and the gym.

The only thing that didn’t happen on that list? I’m sure you can guess.

We started off at Street Feast. If you read &what regularly, you will know that I’ve been there about 20 times just this year. If you haven’t, you NEED to go! And while you’re there, try these little buns of goodness.

A YumBun stall opened recently and being the fan of steamed buns that I am, the chicken buns were calling my name. Deep fried goodness, without the sauce (not a fan of those condiments).

YumBuns at Street Feast in Dalston, North London - andwhat blog

Finished off our YumBuns (surprisingly filling – you can share one portion between two people!) and found the Gin Store. Hidden in the back corner of Street Feast, it felt like a New York City Speak Easy. Grace and I got a gin and tonic that was no joke, 100% gin with one ice cube and a splash of tonic. Definitely the way we like it.

The girls at Street Feast in Dalston London - andwhat blog

After Street Feasting for about 3 hours, getting properly tipsy at The Gin Store, we made our way over to XOYO. JackMaster has a new residence there on Friday nights. We saw him at Field Day and had to be there for the opening night. It was a pure Grime night with some prime sweaty dancing going on.

Post-Jackmaster, pre-hangover hit, we went to the pub. In a state like this, Elderflower cocktails at 11AM are allowed. Our plan was to have a picnic in the park so we popped over to M&S and got two weeks’ worth of food, planning (and successfully) eating it all in one afternoon.

Pondside first though! The Triangl bikinis came out to play and I wish I could say I dove into the waters, but when the water is brown and looks like swampman is about to emerge, I think a slow and steady entrance is appropriate.

Swimming in the Hampstead Heath Ponds in London

Treading water got tiring so we found a spot just behind Parliament Hill to start feasting. Pita and tzatziki, sausage rolls, gin and tonics, olives and sun-dried tomatoes with some brownies to satisfy the sweet tooth. Not exactly your conventional picnic but it had a gourmet twist. We met this little puppy in the field that wanted to play or sneak a sausage roll, bit difficult to tell!

Picnic in the Hampstead Heath Park, North London - Andwhat Blog

Half way through our afternoon, this one of a kind man strolled on over. Boots Bantock is his name. The most charming English man one could come across. His specialty was poetry and Shakespeare. He had a challenge up his sleeve and would rhyme any three words you gave him in a poetry verse. If he couldn’t he would give you a pound.

Moist and Orange were definitely on the list. Yes, he found a way to rhyme them both – clever.

Boots Bantock at the Hampstead Heath park North London - andwhat blog

Boots went on to recite a Shakespearian classic – Hamlet, his favourite and personal choice. A perfect personal show to top off the loveliest afternoon. Back to the grind on Monday, only 5 more days until the next weekend!

What did you get up to this weekend?

-&what x

&what | Andina.

There’s a charming place just off Shoreditch High Street, right smack in the middle of hipster central.

It still attracts all of the beardy, tattooed types, but when you step inside you’re whisked away from all of this and taken on a trip sprinkled with Peruvian delights.

Inspired by Martin Morales‘ (creator of Andina) grandmother’s home cooking, this place has some serious character. Friday night, ready to get the drinks in, we started things off with a Pico Sour. Perfection.

The menu is health on a page. Super smoothies, quinoa with fresh meat and veggies. All naturally and ethically sourced so you know it’s good.

photo 2

First up, a chicken and avocado causa. Had no idea what a causa was, but pleasantly surprised with what was on my plate! A cold potato and avocado pressed oval with refreshing lime. More avocado on top (my fave!) and a chicken salad-y mix stacked on top of that! YUM.

photo 4

Ready to get even more in our bellies, the massive quinoa burgers came out! Been on a health kick of late, and quinoa is right at the top of the super foods list! Not greasy at all, packed full of flavour and topped with pesto, sitting on a lightly grilled bun the burger was nearly better than any juicy pile of meat I’ve ever had.

 photo 1

After all that goodness, we skipped dessert and got another Pisco Sour in. Lovely Peruvian music, fresh market inspired food and delish drinks. What more could you want for a (kinda healthy) Friday girls night dinner?!

If you’re ever in the Shoreditch hood, strut on over to Andina!

-&what x

Square Meal

&what | Aqua London.

Birthday drinks way up in the sky are the best kind. Chilled vino in the sunshine peering over Oxford Street.

Gracie’s birthday was ages ago but I found these pictures and they made me smile.

Summer in London, is the most wonderful time of the year. Drinks with friends, chatting and laughing until late when the sun is just about to set adds to the magic of the city.

If you’re looking for a place to sip on some cocktails while the sun sets, with a front row view, hop on over to Aqua just off Oxford Street.

You might even be standing next to Sam Smith like i was! If you don’t know who he is, do yourself a favour and find out now.

-&what x

photo 1 photo 1