&what | Whitstable Weekend.

Nothing like a weekend away with the gyals drinking bottles of wine that cost more than 6 quid and getting cheesy with the good stuff from a specialty cheese shop. Ooooh yeah.

We took the train an hour or so outside of London to Kent, right by the seaside. Staying in a friend’s family home and got very drunk and very very full. Took seaside walks along the beach, lost our (my) Oyster virginity, feasted on one too many mussels and made our own versions of an Irish hot chocolate with extra Baileys. MMM.


Just stopped by to say hi to our fisherman friend.

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Before eating ALL of these Oysters.


Just kidding, these were the first and last Oysters I will eat. Put some homemade vinegar and onion sauce on them for some flavour, didn’t help much. Apparently vodka is really nice with Oysters, something I’d like to try – might make it go down better?


The beach houses along the seaside were irresistible. Had to stop for an Insta photosesh.


Aaaaand another.


Until we finally found a sign (and the way to the bar).



Stayed in the pub for the rest of the evening eating mussels, drinking wine and catching up. Perfection. 


Woke up Sunday morning to a full Australian breakfast – having master chef friends does have it’s benefits.


Stayed inside playing Scategories until the torrential downpour passed. In Whitstable there’s always sunshine after the rain.


We ended our trip sitting on the beach making Whitstable goals for ourselves, drank one of Ashleigh’s favourite bottles of Australia wine and watched the sunset. So romantic and all.



The seaside is surprisingly good for your soul and the English countryside is even better. Wish I could call this gorgeous place my home, and move in with Grace’s family. Don’t think they’d mind one bit.

-&what x