&WHAT | Zig Zag It.

Spring has sprung in London. The pub gardens are full and the sunnies are on – just the way we like it! The sunscreen has even had to make an appearance which living in the UK is a B I G deal.

It’s the greatest feeling the first day of the year you can leave your flat without a jacket and wear ripped jeans without being worried about the draft. They more so act like a little bit of much needed ventilation on 20C+ days.

Went for a walk around the Victoria & Albert Museum with Polly this weekend and wore this spring inspired London Fresh get up. Popped into the gorgeous side streets of South Ken before headings to Raw Press for some smoothies. The sunnies were on, the Zig Zag clutch was out, paired with my favourite Sam Edelman burgundy heels – sandals might be pushing it a bit too far when it feels like March and days of winter coat wearing were only a week ago.

This summer in London is going to be the best one yet! Have a sneaky suspicion – can’t wait for the patio nights, open air film nights and park dates to start. 🙂

-&what x



&WHAT | The Ace Hotel.

This weekend Sunday wasn’t a funday but a workday. Although shooting at The Ace Hotel does have its perks.

Perk 1: A stack of blueberry pancakes.

Perk 2: Having our set be the gorgeous rooms – complete with denim details and a retro-classroom feel.

Perk 3: The inspirational people you meet from different parts of the world coming together to do amazing things.

Perk 4: Hanging out in the wings + horns bathrobe after the shoot wrapped and it was time to relax.

Workday Sundays aren’t so bad after all.

-&what x

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&what | Something Blue.

Something blue and a dash of Burberry is all you need to brighten up a day and outfit. Having friends with Burberry benefits makes it just a little sweeter.

When your outfit unintentionally matches the sky (which for girls that have a pretty much full on monochrome wardrobe and living in London is on the daily), it’s the touch of colour that can brighten up any day or outfit. What’s your favourite accent coloured accessory?

-&what x