The Culpeper. A delicious Saturday Brunch spot and a delight for your Insta feed. We’re talking serious likes here.

Tucked away in Aldgate East, The Culpepper is a charming spot. A lovely brunch and grill turned pub after 8PM.

There’s a gorgeous rooftop where they grill fresh fish, meat and their home grown vegetables. It’s complete with cosy benches and blankets for when it gets a little chilly. The ideal spot to spend the last few summer evenings left before summer comes to a close.

Caitlin and I went there for her farewell London brunch. After the best year living together she is off back to uni. Had to cheers to all the memories with their signature Culpeper, bellini-esque cocktail. And, finish off with Eton Mess at 11AM of course. No shame, there’s always room when you have a sweet tooth.

-& what x




House of Hackney.

Just off Shoreditch High Street, I’ve walked past this place hundreds of times, meaning to pop my head in but usually in a rush. Probably a good thing as once I stepped inside I didn’t resurface for an hour, lost in the luxury.

The gorgeous prints, fabrics, details, cacti and pineapples (yes, everywhere!) would furnish the house of my dreams. Literally planned out the furnishings for every room of my future London home within the walls of House of Hackney.

Bought myself a little souvenir from my new London muse. Definitely has &what’s seal of approval.

-&what x 


&what | Tate.

Sonia Delaunay at The Tate.

Spent a Saturday afternoon amidst Picasso, Dali and Delaunay.

The exhibition on at The Tate (sadly now over!) was a journey through the mind of an artistic genius and serious business woman. She turned her passion for art into a viable textile business which grew into her fashion empire. Her consistency in patterns and attention to detail in her designs made her an iconic force in the fashion industry.

Inspiration for your Tuesday.

-& what x.



&what | Seaside.

Sometimes the seaside is all you need.

This weekend 52A crew went down to Whistable. Hopped on the train after work on Friday, stocked up with wine for the ride. One hour later, in Whitstable we were.

Endless sunshine, Oyster overload, fire pits, great company and delicious food. Couldn’t have asked for much more…well, maybe a few more days in this paradise.

-&what x