There are only a few occasions where one can be a tourist with no shame. Eating Oysters at  The Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station is one of them.

Emily Brown and I had the most tremendous date night on our first Friday evening in NYC. Oysters and Champagne were on the menu. Quantities were not sparred.

Highly recommended treat while in NY. You will be amongst the other tourists of the land but its a classic NY experience that must be had. 12 Oysters down, from different parts of the US coastline, we were very sea-tisfied.

-&what x




Rooftop drinks in the summer are essential. Even more so when you’re in this city. The James Club is just one of the rooftops in NY that know how it’s done.

We met our colleague Paul for drinks after work at 5:30. Apparently people actually get out of the office on time too in city?

About two gin and tonics and an Aperol Spritz down our new lives in NYC were sorted. We’re come up with a very plausible plan to get to America and become real New Yorkers. It will happen.

Until then I’m going to keep frequenting the city and prime locations like this. Ideal for sunset watching and catch ups with dear friends into the wee hours.

-&what x


&what | YOKO ONO.

Yoko Ono – One Woman.

A beautifully insane artist with all corners of her mind captured in this fascinating exhibit at the MOMA. My fifth time in NYC and first time at the MOMA, this was long overdue.

Yoko Ono’s work was subversive and driven by the political world around her. A hippie at heart, this comes across in her poetry and exhibited works. Definitely an afternoon of inspiration.

-&what x







Get in on the Yeti Action at Snowdays.

Still eating our way through NYC, a sweltering hot day in the sunshine meant ice cream of some sort was in order.

Thankfully Eva Chen, the guru of cool spots in NYC was there the week before so we knew where to go. She brought us, now &what brings you: Snowdays.

Shaved ice that is somehow flavoured in this 50s -style machine, producing deliciousness in the highest form. On the menu…

For Ashley: The Original – sweet milk shaved ice, blueberries and Captin Crunch. Topped with peanut butter sauce.

For Emily: Made in Taiwan – Green Tea Matcha Shaved Cream, Grass Jelly, Mochi. Topped with Condensed Milk.

Fortunately, or more unfortunately, there’s a location two blocks from our hotel. You know what that means – daily Snowdays. If only that meant work was called off too.

-&what x


&what | BATH TIME.

Bath time should always look like this.

It’s hard to grab a moment to yourself when you’re running around with a million things to do and so much life to live. Stopping to enjoy the moment and reflect on the amazing things that have happened this year is so much easier on the 27th floor of the Trump Soho NYC peering out over this gorgeous city. Pinch me.

-&what x



&what | EGG SHOP NYC.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Also my favourite.

While in NYC there is only one thing to do – eat your way through all the places you find on Instagram and have been screenshotting since last NYFW. A bit contradictory and detrimental to the fashion week diet, but not having to walk the runway, I think we will get away with it.

Saturday morning strolls through the East Village took us to The Egg Shop NYC.

Considering myself a connoisseur of smashed avocado toast, the Egg Shop’s take on the delicacy is 100%.

Emily and I dared to break the NYFW diet even further and went for the Homemade Maple Sausage. Taste buds have never been in for such a treat.

When you’re in NYC next, brunch hard and hit The Egg Shop. It’s worth the wait, trust us.

-&what x





&what | by Chloe.

On Bleeker street is a place where the people of NYC congregate to become honourary vegans. I am now one of those people.

Just after getting my nails done at Jin Soon (no celeb spottings unfortunately!) I had to find a cash machine to tip the aestheticians, which took me past by Chloe. Fate if you ask me.

Walking back down Bleeker, these two New Yorkers were talking about how sometimes they want to be skinny but a Spicy Thai Salad from by Chloe is just a craving they can’t resist. My menu selection was made then and there.

The Spicy Thai salad is like no other. The most massive salad I have ever seen, you would do well to even make your way through a quarter of it.

I have been back twice since my first by Chloe encounter. The honourary vegan life in NYC is suiting me well.

-&what x



Oh Canada. Our home and native land.

True patriot love for this place. I mean how could you not?

I was lucky enough to be home this summer for my best friend’s wedding (more on that here). My birthday and Canada Day have always been the highlight of the summer and this year I spent it in none other than the Canadian Wilderness.

We drove to Mont Tremblant, Quebec for a long weekend of cottage life and escaping the city. Its the most relaxing thing being out of the chaos and in touch with nature.

We went on day long hikes through the woods to see incredible views, had bonfires, roasted marshmallows and went on a 5-hour canoe trip. Slightly longer than expected and a serious workout for the arm muscles but worth it in the end.

It’s the last weekend of the summer, time to say goodbye to cottage life and hello to cosy winter nights by the fireside. At least Mont Tremblant is amazing for snowboarding too, we’ll be back in December.

-&what x