&what | BE BRIGHT.

Sometimes all you need is a little pop of colour. In the form of lipstick or a bright orange coat. Either will do, just depends how much of a pop you need. Today, a pop in the form of a bright yellow body suit wouldn’t have been enough.

Haven’t worn this coat in a while but stumbled across these pictures and feel inspired yet again to bust this out.Recently my wardrobe has become solely monochrome., taking the ‘all black everything’ a little too literally in my closet. ┬áThis bright ASOS special is definitely being worn this weekend!

-& what x.



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&what | SKY HIGH YOGA.

5:00AM wake up call. Pitch black outside, yoga pants on and ready to be shown up by everyone in the place.

This yoga class wasn’t in a studio. It was in a garden IN the Sky. Not going to lie, pretty epic for your average yoga sesh.

We tree-posed and downward dogged our into making ourselves morning people. Feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for the day.

Of course, when at the Sky Garden, one has to replenish all those burned calories with Eggs Royal at the Darwin Brasserie.

All this, before 9:00AM. Killing it.

-&what x


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