If there is one thing the homeland knows how to do, and do it best, it’s Pancakes. If we’re completely honest, there is nothing that tops Mama K’s pancakes on Sunday morning. Waking up to the sweet scent of the fluffy goodness, warm and ready to be drizzled with real Canadian Maple Syrup. A delicacy London has yet to match.

New York on the other hand has Clinton Street Baking Co. Tucked away on the Lower East Side this unsuspecting cafe knows how to do blueberry pancakes right. Not only are they a sure win to make your Instagram followers droll, the real thing is 10 x better than the pictures.

It also comes with Maple Butter. A first for this Canadian’s tastebuds it’s syrup mixed with butter. Oh my.

Next time you’re in NYC, make sure you get yourself over to Clinton Street. Blueberry Pancakes are the only thing you need to look for on the menu.

-&what x