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Meet the women of: FINERY.


Last week I went to an interesting chat about everything and anything FINERY. Caren Downie, Brand Director and Emma Farrow, Head of Design are the two minds behind the online fashion brand determined to put the excitement back into shopping.

These inspirational women and co-founders, Caren Downie and Emma Farrow, gave an inside look at the development of the FINERY brand and what business practices they have implemented to get them to where they are today.

Both women behind FINERY had extensive experience in the fashion industry working at TopShop and ASOS. Identifying a hole in the market based on their intuition and experience in the high street market, they wanted to develop a brand that was unique and refreshed the industry. That was still affordable for women but provided pieces and designs that weren’t carbon copies of everything else in high street shops.

They developed a selection of pieces to create a small capsule collection, with their core favourite pieces within this, selected by what they thought women would wear.

With FINERY being still very much a young brand, the team had worked closely with press and media to get the word out. Their approach was to create engaging experiences for media that would leave them wanting more.

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A Frank Gehry masterpiece in the middle of Paris.

First stop on our Paris list was the Fondation Louis Vuitton. This architectural wonder is absolutely stunning. The feeling you get when you look at the vast intricacy of the building is like no other and truly makes you appreciate the power of design at any scale.

We arrived bright and early on a gloomy day in Paris only to get there when it was closed. Never been one to plan ahead, really would have come in handy on days like this. Nonetheless we saw this wonder from the exterior and were able to walk around the gardens before heading off to lunch at Deriere.

Next time you are in Paris, definitely visit the Fondation. Book tickets in advance and get a table at the restaurant there.

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