It’s NYFW and this is officially the second season that I haven’t made it since leaving my previous role. Certainly do miss it but life throws you opportunities that you have to take sometimes. Ones that will challenge you and test you and push you until right before breaking point making you realise just how incredibly far your limits can be.

These pictures were snapped by Candice Lake, Vogue photographer, at FW14. Ages ago but I’m still rocking those Levis.

That was one of my favourite seasons. We stayed at the ViceRoy up town and were working with Something Navy early on in her career. The Coveteur were creating our content with us so we would stay up super late each night to finish our social media posts and send them to the UK to be designed and shared to all of our markets around the world.

When you summarise it like that, social media and our job can seem a bit crazy. But SO creative and inspiring. The social media space and particularly the fashion space is so vibrant and fast-paced, never a dull moment that is for sure.

-&what x



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