Monday, Day 4 in Berlin. A day that was years in the making.

You see, ever since my first trip to Berlin. I have wanted to go on the Third Reich Tour. A tour that takes you through Berlin and describes exactly where and how Nazi Germany rose to power. I am a bit of a history nerd so this was high on this list. However, the only time the tour runs on a weekend is Sunday at 10AM. Which as you may have guessed – there are some things like Berghain that were above this passion for history.

Anyways, lucky for us at 2:30PM right by Brandenburg Gate my life long (ish) dream of going on the Third Reich tour would come true.

But first, breakfast in bed. As the best Mondays should begin, we ordered the spread of dreams and got breakfast in bed. One of our last mornings in the hotel we had to make the most of it.

After what could be described as the most relaxing morning – I’m talking breakfast in bed, two cups of tea, a 30 minute shower with a full body scrub and a hair mask treatment – we were ready for the Third Reich Tour.

Walked over to Brandenburg Tor and stopped in the newly opened Commes Des Garcons store. LOVE.

SHOP: Commes Des Garcons, Berlin. 

Commes des Garcons | Berlin 2017 | @andwhatstyle

Commes des Garcons | Berlin 2017 | @andwhatstyle

Showed the man our tickets and he pointed us in the direction or our guide – James. Originally from Notting Hill, he moved to Berlin to learn German for his girlfriend at the time. She broke up with him before he came to the country but he loved it so much he had to stay.

Starting the tour, we walked through the city and learned some amazing facts and locations to visit in Berlin. All linked to art or graffiti or the history of buildings in Berlin we were eargerly atincipating when the historical part would kick in.

About half way ( two hours) through the tour there was still no mention of Hilter or Nazi Germany. I pulled James aside and has asked him. WE WERE ON THE WRONG TOUR. Reason #52 I will have to go back to Berlin – to finally fulfil my dream of going on the Third Reich tour.

TOUR: Alternative Tour Berlin

Banana Gallery | Berlin 2017 | @andwhatstyle

Berlin 2017 | @andwhatstyle

East Side Gallery | Berlin 2017 | @andwhatstyle

East Side Gallery | Berlin 2017 | @andwhatstyle

Although we did not make it on the tour intended, the ‘Alternative Berlin’ tour provided a load of places that I will now need to add to my list for the next trip.

  • Banana Galleries
  • Largest stencil painting in the world
  • Cafe XXX open Street art gallery

The highlight: Bagdad Kitchen. Said to be the BEST kebab in Berlin – which unbenownced to me, was where the kebab was invented.

EAT: Bagdad Kitchen 

Bagdad | Berlin 2017 | @andwhatstyle

Post savagely destroying the kebabs after walking through the city for four hours on a tour that we weren’t even supposed to be on, we decided to bring some serenity back to our day and visit the Hammam. 30 minute refresh before our dinner reservation.

RELAX: Cowshed Berlin

Two hours and about 35 naked male body parts later we were very late for dinner. Berlin has a culture of openness which I absolutely love. They are not judgemental (except at Bergahain) and celebrate the body. Which also means they all go in the sauna and steam room nakie. Going in our bathing suits was apparently ‘very English’ of us.

On a side note, they also seem to have the HOTTEST temperatures in their  steam rooms. Like it burned my insides to breathe. The men also go from the boiling hot to the freezing cold in the showers – extreme. I like it, but also need a bit more time to get onboard.

EAT: Cecconis

Italian restaurant in the base of Soho House. They serve handmade pasta and incredible seafood dishes. Go and eat your heart out, pretend you are an Italian nonna and have no shame.

We had the mozzarella pizza and the mushroom risotto with about two servings of the bread to start. DROOL.

Post dinner we had a few more drinks upstairs with a little dance to 90s classics. Ended our last night in Berlin feeling very full – of love and life.  Note: Appreciate that’s cheesy but feel like Audrey Hep would say something like that. Class not sass.


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