&what | The Shelfie.

I like to surround myself with pretty things. Not just any pretty things, the ones that I have collected over time, with special memories behind each.

Living in London, space is a luxury. However, there is enough space for this shelf. And here, I present to you my #shelfie.

Dipped into some DIY activity for this beaut. Went to the hardware store, picked up some paint to refresh a simple cork board, got a box of nails and voila!

So many memories here. My favourite illustrator – Garance Dore, a hand painted watercolour note from the talented Candice Kaye, Picasso, a few too many photobooth pics, Ganesha statue for prosperity, Buddah for wisdom, Elon Musk because he is epic, Grace because she is elegantly amazing, Jo Malone to always smell like roses (or Mimosa and Cardamom), Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty and my camera – right there, ready to go.

A little space that’s all mine.


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House of Hackney.

Just off Shoreditch High Street, I’ve walked past this place hundreds of times, meaning to pop my head in but usually in a rush. Probably a good thing as once I stepped inside I didn’t resurface for an hour, lost in the luxury.

The gorgeous prints, fabrics, details, cacti and pineapples (yes, everywhere!) would furnish the house of my dreams. Literally planned out the furnishings for every room of my future London home within the walls of House of Hackney.

Bought myself a little souvenir from my new London muse. Definitely has &what’s seal of approval.

-&what x 


&what | Tate.

Sonia Delaunay at The Tate.

Spent a Saturday afternoon amidst Picasso, Dali and Delaunay.

The exhibition on at The Tate (sadly now over!) was a journey through the mind of an artistic genius and serious business woman. She turned her passion for art into a viable textile business which grew into her fashion empire. Her consistency in patterns and attention to detail in her designs made her an iconic force in the fashion industry.

Inspiration for your Tuesday.

-& what x.



&what | black & white.

These black and white treasures arrived in the post from ASOS this week!

Super comfy, these black and white leather espadrilles went out in the sunshine on my feeties to The Love Festival at Southbank this weekend. Only thing missing, those two Cs – a girl can dream! They’re on sale and still available here.

Get them before summer’s over! With the torrential downpour in London today, it might already be. 🙁

-&what x.

&what | parties, ponds and poets.

Swimming in the Hampstead Heath Ponds North London - Andwhat blog

I live for the weekend! It’s a fact. London weekends just have this thing about them that make you feel like you’re on a mini-city break. The key is to have a list of all of the things you want to do, then try to fit as many of them as possible into two full days.

What was on the list last weekend?

Swimming in the Hampstead Heath Mixed Ponds

Dalston Street Feast

Drinks with the girls (at one of our fave places – always East)

XOYO to see Jack Master

and the gym.

The only thing that didn’t happen on that list? I’m sure you can guess.

We started off at Street Feast. If you read &what regularly, you will know that I’ve been there about 20 times just this year. If you haven’t, you NEED to go! And while you’re there, try these little buns of goodness.

A YumBun stall opened recently and being the fan of steamed buns that I am, the chicken buns were calling my name. Deep fried goodness, without the sauce (not a fan of those condiments).

YumBuns at Street Feast in Dalston, North London - andwhat blog

Finished off our YumBuns (surprisingly filling – you can share one portion between two people!) and found the Gin Store. Hidden in the back corner of Street Feast, it felt like a New York City Speak Easy. Grace and I got a gin and tonic that was no joke, 100% gin with one ice cube and a splash of tonic. Definitely the way we like it.

The girls at Street Feast in Dalston London - andwhat blog

After Street Feasting for about 3 hours, getting properly tipsy at The Gin Store, we made our way over to XOYO. JackMaster has a new residence there on Friday nights. We saw him at Field Day and had to be there for the opening night. It was a pure Grime night with some prime sweaty dancing going on.

Post-Jackmaster, pre-hangover hit, we went to the pub. In a state like this, Elderflower cocktails at 11AM are allowed. Our plan was to have a picnic in the park so we popped over to M&S and got two weeks’ worth of food, planning (and successfully) eating it all in one afternoon.

Pondside first though! The Triangl bikinis came out to play and I wish I could say I dove into the waters, but when the water is brown and looks like swampman is about to emerge, I think a slow and steady entrance is appropriate.

Swimming in the Hampstead Heath Ponds in London

Treading water got tiring so we found a spot just behind Parliament Hill to start feasting. Pita and tzatziki, sausage rolls, gin and tonics, olives and sun-dried tomatoes with some brownies to satisfy the sweet tooth. Not exactly your conventional picnic but it had a gourmet twist. We met this little puppy in the field that wanted to play or sneak a sausage roll, bit difficult to tell!

Picnic in the Hampstead Heath Park, North London - Andwhat Blog

Half way through our afternoon, this one of a kind man strolled on over. Boots Bantock is his name. The most charming English man one could come across. His specialty was poetry and Shakespeare. He had a challenge up his sleeve and would rhyme any three words you gave him in a poetry verse. If he couldn’t he would give you a pound.

Moist and Orange were definitely on the list. Yes, he found a way to rhyme them both – clever.

Boots Bantock at the Hampstead Heath park North London - andwhat blog

Boots went on to recite a Shakespearian classic – Hamlet, his favourite and personal choice. A perfect personal show to top off the loveliest afternoon. Back to the grind on Monday, only 5 more days until the next weekend!

What did you get up to this weekend?

-&what x

&what | Triangl.

Summa Summa Summa time [hit play, you won’t regret a little WS with this one]!

The gyaldems and I were off to Spain to bask in some sunshine and sip on that Sangria. Holiday planning underway, the first thing on my list was a new Triangl bikini(s)*. Let’s be honest, these are the most important things to stuff in my miniature Ryan Air carry-on bag, and also conveniently my perma-outfit holiday outfit.

*didn’t plan this until the checkout when 3 were in my basket, possessed fingers clicked the button…I swear.

photo 3 photo 4

Triangl bikinis had to come with me! Saw them here and there on the interwebs…and on Miley Cyrus – obvs had to buy one then. 😉 They arrived neatly packed in a ginormous black box. Tried them on, bottoms were a bit snug from all the donuts but the top was a perfect fit to hold up the ladies in the Milly -Arizona Sunset Bikini! The wetsuit material dries like a dream so you’re not left sitting poolside soaking wet. It’s safe to say, if I weren’t in London, I would rock my Triangl all day, everyday.

photo 1

Surprisingly for Seville, a mainland place in Spain where it was over 30C on the daily, there were NO pools to be found. That was until on our second last day when we met some locals and they took us to a hidden poolside paradise. At Club Ipanema, my new Triangl bikinis took a dip. Shameless sunworshipper over here, they were my perfect tanning partner too – after doucing myself in Garnier SPF 15 oil of course.

Check out their Instagram channel for all of their styles and some beach snaps that will make you hate on Mondays even more. Which way to the beach?

-&what x