Winter Wonderland.

Winter Wonderland.

Woke up on Christmas morning to a full on white christmas, we’re talking 15cm+ of snow.

What does one do? Head out into the cold to play in the snow. Went to the local park and pond by our house. Neighbours were shovelling the pond to skate and play hockey on the ice whilst listening to Christmas music. So magical and so very Canadian.

Snow place like home. It’s been the happiest of times over these holidays.

Hat: Artizia | Sunglasses: Le Specs x Adam Selman – The Last Lolita | Christmas Jumper: Asos 

-&what x

Toronto, Canada | @andwhatstyle

Toronto, Canada | @andwhatstyle

Toronto, Canada | @andwhatstyle

Toronto, Canada | @andwhatstyle

Toronto, Canada | @andwhatstyle

Toronto, Canada | @andwhatstyle

Toronto, Canada | @andwhatstyle


Time to say Auf Wiedersehen Berlin!

The Store Berlin | @andwhatstyle

Our flight back to London was around 9:00PM which left us plenty of time to enjoy the last delights of the city.

Travel tip: Always book a late flight back, more time to enjoy the city and non-EU passport queues are short.

ART: Hamburger Bahnhof Museum

Invalidenstraße 50-51, 10557 Berlin, Germany

Our first stop was the Harmburger museum. Again, an Insta find by yours truly. They had the Marx Collection on show which featured a piece by Andy Warhol. LOVE him, but unfortunately it was closed. Instead we went through the halls of art – literally a feast for all of the senses. One of the best contemporary art galleries I have ever been to.

Hamburger Bahnhof Museum | Berlin 2017 | @andwhatstyle

Hamburger Bahnhof Museum | Berlin 2017 | @andwhatstyle

Hamburger Bahnhof Museum | Berlin 2017 | @andwhatstyle

Hamburger Bahnhof Museum | Berlin 2017 | @andwhatstyle

Hamburger Bahnhof Museum | Berlin 2017 | @andwhatstyle

Hamburger Bahnhof Museum | Berlin 2017 | @andwhatstyle

SEE: The Reichstag Building 

The German parliament building, still fully functioning. Rebuilt after 1933 where it was severely damadged due to a fire. You need to book tickets in advance and bring your passport/ ID to enter. There is an office just across the street where you can do this. Absolutely beautiful – the architecture is incredibly futuristic.

Reichstag | Berlin 2017 | @andwhatstyle

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More Berlin action from &WHAT. Still seriously considering how to move to this gem of a city.

Sunday. Day 3 in Berlin. This was a very *interesting* day for two ladies from Richmond Hill, Canada and Doncaster, UK.

It started with a wake-up call at 6AM. You see, there is the super club in Berlin – Berghain, located in an old East Berlin power station. Anyone who knows anything about techno music or clubbing in general will have heard about this establishment. The bouncer, Sven Marquardt, is infamously known and even has done a collection with Hugo Boss.

Young Ashley had been here about three years ago with my uni friends. We went at about four in the morning after going to Tube Station in Berlin. Somehow, some way we got it. As you can see, dressed in a white TopShop romper and what look to be office shoes, I am not quite sure what happened there. But it was debaucherous and incredible.

Berlin 2017 | @andwhatstyle

Keen to re-live this moment, we were instructed by a friend who does social for a DJ playing at Berghain that weekend to go early in the morning. Sven would be the bouncer pre-9AM so if we didn’t get in then we could go back post the shift change. Told to wear all black and look ‘trashy’ we made the effort. The Verdict: A pass of the hand, not this time ladies.

Feeling deflated and particularly un-groomed, we decided to go for breakfast then sightseeing in our Berghain get-ups.

EAT: House of Small Wonder

Johannisstraße 20, 10117 Berlin

House of Small Wonder | Berlin 2017 | @andwhatstyle

This place was all of over Insta and has the cutest entrance made of Pinterest dreams. I got the home-made biscuits with poached eggs. These were like little flavoured clouds with salty bacon surprises hidden inside. Drenched in what tasted like the runny egg yolk of Gods.

In short, get this breakfast place on your list when you visit Berlin.

Post breakfast we walked over to Brandenburg Gate where we saw the last day of the controversial anti-war monument art installation by German-Syrian artist Manaf Halbouni  on show.

SEE: Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate | Berlin 2017 | @andwhatstyle

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It’s been a week since we got back from Berlin and I’m not going to lie, each day I spend a good chunk (really, about 20 minutes) plotting out what life would be like if I lived there. Some cities you have a magnetic attraction to – Berlin being one of those for me.

Day 2 in Berlin started off slightly rough for us. Having got in at about 5AM post a (the first) failed attempt to get into Berghain we weren’t at our freshest. Hence why the Day 2 list is significantly shorter.

SEE: Spruth Magers Gallery

Oranienburger Straße 18, 10178 Berlin,

Our first stop post-filling up on cheeseburgers at SH was the Sprüth Magers Gallery. I have to thank Insta for this one as I got into an Insta Blackhole literally creeping on people that lived in Berlin. As you can see from the photos, I struck Insta GOLD when we found this gallery. Forever – Barbara Kruger was a stunning exhibition.

The room was covered in plastic vinyl quotes from people like Karl Marx that reflect the nature of truth, power, belief and doubt that embody contemporary society. Kruger’s style combines language with mass media, criticising consumerism, desire, political will and the hidden mechanics of power.  This exhibit marks three decades since Kruger’s first solo exhibit in Cologne.

There was another exhibit called Dream Journal by Jon Rafman which was incredible as well. I prefer contemporary art, however this was pure fantasy. Rafman brought to life his visions of dreams in a computerised film that was watched while laying on what was designed to feel like a human. It was shaped like a person and covered in a mix of plastic and styrofoam to give it an interesting texture. The chairs also vibrated to the film (full 4D experience) which provided some mild comfort during the hangover.

Sprüth Magers, Berlin 2017 | @andwhatstyle

Sprüth Magers, Berlin 2017 | @andwhatstyle

CLIMB: Walk up the 400 steps to the viewing point at the Berlin Cathedral. 

Am Lustgarten, 10178 Berlin,

After our stop at Spruth Magers we walked about 20 minutes over to the Berlin Cathedral. It was 3:30PM and the sun was nearly set – how depressing – it was also raining and freezing cold – confirming this probably isn’t the best time of year to visit if weather is your concern.

We spent about two hours in the Cathedral. I absolutely love these spaces and make sure to go inside the main Cathedral in ever city I visit. Just think about how old these structures are and how much money and labour were required to build these – it is insane. We walked all the way up about 500 steps to get to the look out point. Kira++ app in hand, the view and pictures were incredible.

Cathedral, Berlin 2017 | @andwhatstyle

HANG: The Michelberger Hotel (Bar + Restaurant)

Warschauer Str. 39-40, Berlin, 10243,

Post – gallery and cathedral we walked to another crowdsourced recommendation – The Michelberger Hotel. GO GO GO. Felt very much like the Ace Hotel.

The Michelberger hotel had a great DJ, drinks and very interesting people. The kind where you want to know who they are, what they do and pretty much every detail of their lives in Berlin. NOTE: This may or may not be to replicate their lives in a couple years time.

We had dinner at the restaurant inside the Michelberger hotel which was incredible. You have to cross the back patio area into the neighbouring building to find both the restaurant and bathrooms. I got the lobster gnocchi and C had the lamb. Our server was actually someone that C knew from her uni days in the UK – SMALL WORLD. That was some synchronicity and the universe at work.

On our way to the Michelberger hotel we walked the whole length of the East Side Gallery – there will be more on that soon!

Michelberger Hotel, Berlin 2017 | @andwhatstyle

Michelberger Hotel, Berlin 2017 | @andwhatstyle

Day 2 verdict: Berlin can do no wrong. I love Berlin. Ich Bin Ein Berliner (I am a Berliner – JFK). 

-&what x



Guttentag. Touchdown in Berlin.

I’ve been to the city three times before – once for work, once for a work party and the last time just for party reasons.

Absolutely loved the city, the people, the history, it’s no wonder why I came back for a fourth time – even staying an extra day to make the opening of the Christmas markets.

Every time I travel to a city I like to crowdsource where I go. The best recommendations are from friends. Being here for five days, we have a lot of time to check every place out.

Our first day was packed with the hit list.


We’re staying at Soho House Berlin which is absolutely stunning. In the Tiny room which surprisingly isn’t so tiny. Every little detail is accounted for – they even have little treats in a silver tin inside the cupboard (obviously only a Cookie Monster like me would find those).

The feels and approach to life is very different here. While having a drink in the bar before we ventured out, a lady from London said –‘Everyone from London talks about what house they want to buy, people from Berlin talk about what party they are going to.’ Pretty much sums it up.

Soho House Berlin | @andwhatstyle

Soho House Berlin | @andwhatstyle



This is Soho House’s first concept store. Its aimed to be a mix of art, furniture, food and people. Effectively a Store that is also a social space. Filled with unique designer pieces from Balenciaga, Vetements as well as scents, candles and everything a perfect coffee table would need.

Soho House Berlin | @andwhatstyle


One of Caitlin’s Insta recommendations. This place has been transplanted from Shoreditch to Kreuzberg, Berlin. Coffee shop in store, hipster central, this place is the perfect stop  for the gram. Also the closet if you can afford high end unique items. Had my eye on an Acne Shearling Coat and APC wool coat – to die for.

VooStore, Berlin | @andwhatstyle

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Welcome to Älmhult. A little place in Sweden put on the map by your favourite flatpack furniture – IKEA.

What brought me to this place you ask? The IKEA Bootcamp.

If you know me, you know I love start-ups. I am fascinated about the ideas and the founders that invest the greater part of their lives to build a company and drive growth for products or systems that have the ability to change the world.

The IKEA Bootcamp is doing exactly that. Over 1,500 start-ups from around the world applied to join the three-month programme.

Ten start-ups were selected with at varying stages of product development and company maturity. They picked up their teams and lives, moving to Älmhult, Sweden, where they live in a residence near IKEA headquarters for three months. It is here they are given access to a team of experts with the mission to grow their companies and build out their proposition ahead of DEMO DAY.

DEMO DAY is on 5th December 17 where all of these companies will pitch their propositions to the IKEA Senior Leadership teams and external VCs. This will give them the opportunity to be part of the IKEA offering and in stores worldwide.

I travelled to IKEA of Sweden to give the ten start-ups a workshop on how to build their Social Strategy – particularly where to focus their time and money with limited resources.

It was such an incredibly inspiring day learning about each of the start-ups’ journeys and pushing ourselves on how we can capture the essence of their brand on Social Media to achieve their objectives. Whether that be Brand Awareness or Sales, each requires a unique approach.

Post the workshop and before I had to catch the train back to Copenhagen I popped into the IKEA Museum (YES, there is such thing) for a whirlwind trip through the exhibits.

It took you through a history of the brand and the founder,  Ingvar Kamprad who started the company in 1943. Still remaining incredibly humble for being a billionaire and the 11th richest person in the world.

Some of my favourite quotes around the office were…

  • The fear of making mistakes is the root of bureaucracy and the enemy of development.
  • No method is more effective than a good example.
  • What is good for our customers is in the long-run good for us.
  • A prototype is worth a thousand meetings.
  • Ten minutes are not just one-sixth of your hourly pay; ten minutes is a piece of yourself. Divide yourself into ten units and sacrifice as few of them as possible in meaningless activities. Most things still remain to be done.


The presence of the solid foundation of beliefs and principles that Kamprad has defined and built the IKEA brand on are very apparent through out the IKEA of Sweden offices. There are subtle reminders everywhere ensuring that all of the employees are aligned with and working towards the same values. It is this unity that has allowed the company to be so incredibly successful.

Definitely a culture that all companies in whatever sector should attempt to emulate. Only a few more weeks until Demo Day, best of luck to the teams!

-&what x

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Spent the last week in Portugal chasing the last bit of summer and watching one of our best university friends tie the knot (a FULL wedding post – saris and all will be up soon).

Sunday was our last day in the 30C heat so naturally, we headed straight for the beach. The beach is my happy place, soaking up all that Vitamin D, basking in the sun and enjoying the art of doing nothing – something I never normally do.

Cascais, Portugal is a gorgeous town by the Sea. We stayed in an Air BnB close to Gunchino Beach. It was a massive three bedroom apartment with views right onto the ocean. A massive change from our Lisbon Air BnB with ceilings so low we had to pull a quasimodo and hunch our (my) backs to walk around.

Saturday afternoon ahead of the wedding festivities we went to the beach to get our tan on and let me tell you – tanning was not in the cards. It was FREEZING. Perfect for watching surfers though. The beach was in a little enclave by rocks, with some massive waves. The Billabong World Champion surf competition had just ended the day before – if only we had made it ONE day earlier.

Sunday, post-wedding hangover we decided to go to Praia do Tamariz, less waves more sunshine. Picked up a paddle and balls from the local shop – ready for match day and working off those custard tarts.

It’s weekends like this that I live for.

Six years ago we were pulling all nighters in the Cardiff Unviersity, Bute Library. Who would have thought six years later we would be sitting on a beach sipping Sagres in Cascais after one of our friends got married. 💖  More days like this please.

-&what x


&WHAT | P A L M A.

2017 has been the year of Spain.

According to the Chinese calendar I believe it should be the year of the Snake, but not for me. I have been surrounded by the lovely people of Spain. In work, at home, in love, travel and life. Nothing to complain about really – Spanish people are the best.

In light of this revelation, when one of your new found close Spanish friends tells you to go to Palma – you book your tickets STAT. Right then and there.

Earlier this month, that is exactly what Nicole and I did. Off to Palma we went as our ‘Goodbye to Nicole’s London life’ trip. She had been studying here for a year and is now moving to NYC like an absolute boss lady, smashing it in her industry. We did have a glass or twelve of Prosecco all in the name of celebrations.


  • We stayed at the Melia Palma Bay hotel, which was absolutely gorgeous and very well priced. They have an amazing roof top pool which overlooks the whole city centre. Perfect if you don’t fancy venturing out to the beach.


  • La Rosa: In the city centre, this is definitely a place loved by the locals. Pablo, a new Spanish friend in London told us about this place. We had such a warm welcome and lovely treatment from the owner who ended up having some Vermouth with us. Pretty much their whole bar is filled with that drink, a Palma favourite. The grilled octopus is drool worthy.
  • OMBU Tapas Bar: Get a seat outside and eat your heart out. The Croquettes were divine, as was pretty much everything else. Bit expensive but worth it for a fancy dinner.
  • Cassai Beach House: Cute place, even cuter waiters. If you want to fall in love with Spanish men, eat here. We got a MASSIVE paella to share, probably for a family of four but we smashed it. Made for a difficult drive home and the seatbelt had to be quite a bit looser but all in all this place had delicious food and atmosphere. Make sure you book, we had to squeeze at the bar because the restaurant was pack for the whole night.


  • Cathedral: The cathedral in Palma Old Town is stunning, as is pretty much every street corner you turn around. We spent hours walking through the little streets, stopping at random Spanish bars through the day.
  • Run along the Boardwalk: Not for everyone, but after a full 48 hours of eating nothing but Parma Ham, Paella and sipping on Sangria this was essential. Palma itself as a city is very fit, with people running outside no matter what the temperate. Forced Nicole to come on a 9AM morning run with the tender temperature of 31C. We survived but unfortunately my iPhone didn’t. Luckily it was the only thing that overheated.
  • Rent a car: Based on a lot of recommendations we decided to rent a car. Having not driven for eight plus months, let alone in the Spanish countryside, this was an adventure in itself. Nicole promised me highways the whole way. We did have highways with a side of off roading when we got lost. Again, all in the name of adventures.


  • Es Carbo: The best beach we found was Sant Jordi de ses Salines. A mission to get there but so worth it. It was super quiet with shallow, warm, turquoise coloured water. What more could you want? It was very hot (talking 35C plus) so Nicole bought a beach umbrella, I on the other hand went for the Carrot Oil.


PALMA, we’ll vuelva pronto. <3

-&what x

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New York City. The concrete jungle, what dreams are made of.

One of my favourite cities in the world, as soon as you get off the plane it feels like you’re home. The people are incredible, so welcoming and inspiring – always working towards something – a project, dream, goal, anything really. The city never sleeps no matter what night of the week or where you are, adventure follows you.

Over the past three years, work has taken me to NYC for two weeks at a time. Attending both AW and SS fashion week. A whirlwind each time, with new places to discover. Each time I leave I know I will be back, just because it feels like home.

NYC in the summer and winter are equally as amazing. Haven’t been back yet this year and am seriously craving a trip. Miss the energy and excitement.

Cheers to next time NYC. Promise you I will be back soon!







Hands down one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Hvar is the land of dreams and super yachts. Where you Carpe Diem all night and experience the joyous tanning effects of carrot oil all day.

When going to Hvar there are literally only two place you need to know about. Carpe Diem or Hula Hula. Beach all day, dance all night – then repeat.

Went with my cousin/ BFF Bianca who finally came to visit me on this side of the pond after six years. Took her a while but so happy she finally did. Rather than stay in London and visit the typical tourist spots, we chased the sunshine and decided on Croatia.

Bee and I spent the day at a local beach on the first day then Hula Hula the next. Hula Hula during the day it is divine with a beach bed right on the rocks by the water. Every now and again you get the waves crashing on you which makes for a refreshing break. The whole island is pretty much an Instagrammer’s dream.

The seafood in Hvar as you can imagine was divine. We stuffed our faces with a mix of the fresh pizza available from the markets, ice cream all day everyday and when we were feeling like treating ourselves – all the sea creatures you could ask for. Fresh shrimps dripping in garlic butter, mussels in cream sauce and grilled squid. Drool.

Hvar by day is stunning. The sun doesn’t stop shining and you can’t help but bask in it while suitably covered in carrot oil. Hvar by night is just as amazing for all the opposite reasons. The music doesn’t stop and the pretty much everyone in the town is out in one of two places – Carpe Diem or Hula Hula, and the vibes are unreal.

Mind you, beware of the rough seas when you get on the private boat from the Carpe Diem club when it shuts at 2AM to Carpe Diem island at night until 6AM. There was a storm on our last night and the boat *nearly* capsized. For someone who always plans out the worst case scenarios, I was already thinking how long it would take to swim back to the island, if there were lifeboats on board and how quickly search and rescue would be at the scene.

In the famous words of Hula Hula Bar (also stolen from Drake) ‘ Live Today. Plan Tomorrow and Party Tonight.’ Captures the Hvar vibes.

The most perfect place for a summer getaway. We ‘missed’ our flight on Tuesday night which can only tell you how much we loved it. Could genuinely spend the whole summer there. Hvar liked us too – so much that the streets matched our outfits on the last day. As if it didn’t want us to say goodbye.

Photo evidence below. To the most beautiful place, with one of the most beautiful people, you made Summer 2017.


Hvar Croatia, Summer 2017  Hvar Croatia, Summer 2017 Hvar Croatia, Summer 2017Hvar Croatia, Summer 2017 Hvar Croatia, Summer 2017Hvar Croatia, Summer 2017

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