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Guttentag. Touchdown in Berlin.

I’ve been to the city three times before – once for work, once for a work party and the last time just for party reasons.

Absolutely loved the city, the people, the history, it’s no wonder why I came back for a fourth time – even staying an extra day to make the opening of the Christmas markets.

Every time I travel to a city I like to crowdsource where I go. The best recommendations are from friends. Being here for five days, we have a lot of time to check every place out.

Our first day was packed with the hit list.


We’re staying at Soho House Berlin which is absolutely stunning. In the Tiny room which surprisingly isn’t so tiny. Every little detail is accounted for – they even have little treats in a silver tin inside the cupboard (obviously only a Cookie Monster like me would find those).

The feels and approach to life is very different here. While having a drink in the bar before we ventured out, a lady from London said –‘Everyone from London talks about what house they want to buy, people from Berlin talk about what party they are going to.’ Pretty much sums it up.

Soho House Berlin | @andwhatstyle

Soho House Berlin | @andwhatstyle


THE STORE (http://www.thestores.com/berlin/)

This is Soho House’s first concept store. Its aimed to be a mix of art, furniture, food and people. Effectively a Store that is also a social space. Filled with unique designer pieces from Balenciaga, Vetements as well as scents, candles and everything a perfect coffee table would need.

Soho House Berlin | @andwhatstyle

VOO STORE (https://www.instagram.com/voostore/) 

One of Caitlin’s Insta recommendations. This place has been transplanted from Shoreditch to Kreuzberg, Berlin. Coffee shop in store, hipster central, this place is the perfect stop  for the gram. Also the closet if you can afford high end unique items. Had my eye on an Acne Shearling Coat and APC wool coat – to die for.

VooStore, Berlin | @andwhatstyle

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Zero plans make for the best days.

Spent Saturday walking around East with a solid crew. My friend Michelle from Toronto stayed over on Friday after a night of bar hopping. Woke up at 6:45AM (stupid body clock). After trying to get back to sleep we decide to get up and make the most the sunshine.

Walking through Brick Lane to Beyond Retro – their original shop with racks on racks of vintage clothes. Walked past the curry houses and dumplings which would have made the perfect cure for the hangover not so much for the beach bod.

Ended up in Shoreditch as per usual. First stop was House of Hackney where I spotted the sink of dreams. Everything in HOH would fit perfectly in my future home, already planning out each room.

Second stop: Artworks Bookshop on Rivington Street. With every obscure magazine and coffee table book you could imagine, this is a place you could spend hours in. Eyed up even more things for the future home.

More home planning at the third stop, a new space that opening on Charlotte Street. W.A.Green. They had Cire Trudon candles that are said to be the ones they made for the Palace of Versailles. A candle fit for a queen? I’ll take that any day.

Only one more day to the weekend now!

-&what x

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A good friend of mine sent this to me on one of our honeymoon holidays last summer. I love it. It perfectly sums up all of the feelings you have when you’re a beginner. And to some extent we are always beginners, starting on a new path or project each time. But the way beginners become the best, is by persisting. And that, is exactly what I’m going to do.


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The new Design Museum is now open in London and it’s pretty excellent.

Designed by John Pawson in the 1960s Commonwealth Institute Building, the museum is stunning and very instagram-able. The main exhibit follows the design process from the designer and user through to the maker.

Various design breakthroughs and key influencers are captured across these exhibits with quite relevant examples. Even CityMapper – the BEST app to download and get your way around London – was featured. Charles and Ray Eames were another highlight, along with a short film about Telsa’s approach to design and how it is revolutionising the way people think about autonomous cars and see the feasibility of these in their daily lives.

One of my favourite quotes from the exhibit is from a pioneer in design, both in manufacturing and resources, Henry Ford.

“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.” – Henry Ford 

The design museum has it’s in house exhibit as well as Fear and Love & the Beazley Designs of the Year installations.

  So much inspiration and imagination housed in there. Take a walk through Holland Park and spot the peacocks on your way to the museum. Yes they have those just hanging out in London.




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&what | The Shelfie.

I like to surround myself with pretty things. Not just any pretty things, the ones that I have collected over time, with special memories behind each.

Living in London, space is a luxury. However, there is enough space for this shelf. And here, I present to you my #shelfie.

Dipped into some DIY activity for this beaut. Went to the hardware store, picked up some paint to refresh a simple cork board, got a box of nails and voila!

So many memories here. My favourite illustrator – Garance Dore, a hand painted watercolour note from the talented Candice Kaye, Picasso, a few too many photobooth pics, Ganesha statue for prosperity, Buddah for wisdom, Elon Musk because he is epic, Grace because she is elegantly amazing, Jo Malone to always smell like roses (or Mimosa and Cardamom), Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty and my camera – right there, ready to go.

A little space that’s all mine.


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&what | FINERY

Meet the women of: FINERY.


Last week I went to an interesting chat about everything and anything FINERY. Caren Downie, Brand Director and Emma Farrow, Head of Design are the two minds behind the online fashion brand determined to put the excitement back into shopping.

These inspirational women and co-founders, Caren Downie and Emma Farrow, gave an inside look at the development of the FINERY brand and what business practices they have implemented to get them to where they are today.

Both women behind FINERY had extensive experience in the fashion industry working at TopShop and ASOS. Identifying a hole in the market based on their intuition and experience in the high street market, they wanted to develop a brand that was unique and refreshed the industry. That was still affordable for women but provided pieces and designs that weren’t carbon copies of everything else in high street shops.

They developed a selection of pieces to create a small capsule collection, with their core favourite pieces within this, selected by what they thought women would wear.

With FINERY being still very much a young brand, the team had worked closely with press and media to get the word out. Their approach was to create engaging experiences for media that would leave them wanting more.

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House of Hackney.

Just off Shoreditch High Street, I’ve walked past this place hundreds of times, meaning to pop my head in but usually in a rush. Probably a good thing as once I stepped inside I didn’t resurface for an hour, lost in the luxury.

The gorgeous prints, fabrics, details, cacti and pineapples (yes, everywhere!) would furnish the house of my dreams. Literally planned out the furnishings for every room of my future London home within the walls of House of Hackney.

Bought myself a little souvenir from my new London muse. Definitely has &what’s seal of approval.

-&what x 


&what | Tom Ford.

i don’t rock molly, i rock tom ford. – Jay Z

Lately I’ve been loving fashion documentaries. I always wanted to be a creative soul but I’ve come to face that I’m just not. And, that’s ok. But i still love hearing about how other creative souls have found what they love and made it in the ruthless fashion world.

Tom Ford is an inspiration. He found what he loved in life and went with it. He single handedly took creative control of Gucci and steered the label away from bankruptcy in 1994. How? He took risks and broke a few rules, that is what I really enjoyed  about this documentary. I think sometimes as women or just people in general, we don’t follow our gut feelings or take enough risks. When really, sometimes that is just what we need to make it.

Tom Ford was given a load of responsibility early on in his career accepted it with bravery, believing in his experience and getting that extra push from his passion. From there he became an amazing success, created his own line and is now rapped about by Jay-Z and rocked by celebrities.

If you need some inspiration, watch Tom Ford’s Visionary documentary here. It reminds you to never stop trying to find your true passion and that it’s ok to be different, bold and brave in your decisions – it’s a good thing.

&what x.

OWN: Tom Ford Visionary Documentary

(Image Source: Pinterest)