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&what | Andina.

There’s a charming place just off Shoreditch High Street, right smack in the middle of hipster central.

It still attracts all of the beardy, tattooed types, but when you step inside you’re whisked away from all of this and taken on a trip sprinkled with Peruvian delights.

Inspired by Martin Morales‘ (creator of Andina) grandmother’s home cooking, this place has some serious character. Friday night, ready to get the drinks in, we started things off with a Pico Sour. Perfection.

The menu is health on a page. Super smoothies, quinoa with fresh meat and veggies. All naturally and ethically sourced so you know it’s good.

photo 2

First up, a chicken and avocado causa. Had no idea what a causa was, but pleasantly surprised with what was on my plate! A cold potato and avocado pressed oval with refreshing lime. More avocado on top (my fave!) and a chicken salad-y mix stacked on top of that! YUM.

photo 4

Ready to get even more in our bellies, the massive quinoa burgers came out! Been on a health kick of late, and quinoa is right at the top of the super foods list! Not greasy at all, packed full of flavour and topped with pesto, sitting on a lightly grilled bun the burger was nearly better than any juicy pile of meat I’ve ever had.

 photo 1

After all that goodness, we skipped dessert and got another Pisco Sour in. Lovely Peruvian music, fresh market inspired food and delish drinks. What more could you want for a (kinda healthy) Friday girls night dinner?!

If you’re ever in the Shoreditch hood, strut on over to Andina!

-&what x

Square Meal

&what | girlie london weekend.

4 things you need to do for the ultimate girlie weekend in London!

You’ve got your girls, now you need a full day lined up of activities. Every girl group loves a day full of pampering, girlie chat and delicious cheat food, all in between sips of champers. Well, you’ll have to bring the champagne, but we’ve got everything else covered. Next girlie weekend: sorted.

1. Stroll over to Broadway Market with an empty belly. 

Take the Overground to Hackney Central station. Walk  past Oslo (have faint memories of making new friends in the outdoor section that looks nothing like it did the other night), by City Hall (*awwww* at the weddings) and through London Fields (Hipster Dad Alert: be on the lookout). By the time you reach the market you and the girls will probably be ferociously hungry. Well, grab a slice of much deserved avocado on toast and freshly pressed apple juice from Climpson and Sons. Be sure to have on of the girls stand guard outside so you can get a seat on the benches. The BEST people watching.


photo 3

photo 4

2. Give your toes a little treat with a first class (Honalulu Hopper) pedicure. 

You’re stuffed and ready to roll on to the next girlie date. Every girl’s toes need a little bit of tender love and care. MW Nails in Old Spitalfield’s market will give your feeties the first class treatment. And, with the right Instagram croppage, may fool your friends into thinking you’re on the most fabulous jet. Just tell your girls to keep a little secret. 😉


photo 2

3. Pick up some peonies. 

Food – check. Pampering pedicure – check. Peonies? On your way to grab them! Flowers freshen up your home and can make any girl feel special – even if you treat yourself to them. Colombia Road has peonies for the best price – especially if you head there for 5PM when all of the flower sellers are looking to give their flowers to a good home (or get rid of them…).  Only catch is, you have to go there on a Sunday. Broadway market has some lovely flowers, but they are a bit more expensive and only there on a Saturday.

photo 1

4. Hit up a photo booth.

Final stop! Scrounge together your change (4 GBP exactly) and squish you and all of your girls into a photo booth. Everything is Instagrammed these days, but the old school photo booths are still the best. Just think, 50 years down the line you can still find one laying around in your old wallets.

Best snap results? Check out the photo booth at Pizza East – downstairs by the bathroom. It’s a little small to fit everyone in, but the pictures published have a vintage feel. Fancy a little something with more swag? The Ace Hotel is your photo booth my friend. Warning: It can get a little bit obsessive, we’ve spend over 20 quid in one of these! Just make sure you don’t have too much more than 4 GBP in coins…it will go quickly. The ones below were taken at The Ace Hotel.



    photo 4

-& what x

&what | chilli chilli bang bang.

  On the hunt for something to do this weekend? Andwhat has a little spice up their sleeves for you. Head to Chilli Chilli Bang Bang in Dalston Yard, sip down some festival sized tequila cocktails and inhale all chilli everything!

The home of Street Feast, Night Tales and now this, Dalston Yard has made a name for itself as foodie/ hipster/ now spice central.

The torrential downpour meant we had to dodge mini floods while biting into chilli chicken burgers, but once we found shelter we could sit back and watch the rest of the Chilli Bang Bangers run for cover.

photo 3

Saturday afternoon called for catch ups over too many cocktails, more than 1 5-alarm chilli attack, and a reunion with the girls from uni (good old Cardiff days), stories of new jobs in Athens, boys, engagements and grown up things like buying a house with un-grown up things like the hardships of putting together Ikea furniture. Always love how even after 3 years and 3 different countries nothing changes and we’re still the same girls that stayed up and out all night making memories in The Diff. Swear I was getting a bit emosh catching up with them, although it may have been a chilli. Yeah, let’s blame it on the chilli.

photo 4

You have to buy tickets in advance or there are a limited number available on the door. For just over 15 you can get a free ginormous cocktails + a classic corona, 2 pounds off a Wahaca hot sauce and a free cocktail at Wahaca until June. Free(ish) dranks = happy girls and an awesome Saturday! Chilli Chilli Bang Bang is only on until the 10th May but hopefully they keep the flavour alive and bring it back. If not, the same guys that put this on have loads more events here.


&what | time for tea.

The sun was shining, the winter wind was blowing and the kettle was brewing. It was time for tea!

Spent the day touring around my favourite city in the whole world, drinking my favourite thing in the whole world. We started off at the British Museum, getting lost on the way but didn’t mind as Miss D & I had loads to catch up on. Walked around this gorgeous piece of British architecture – have to head back soon for the Shunga: sex and humour in Japanese Art exhibition (steamy!).




After all that walking and being oh so cultured, we deserved a treat. The Charlotte Street Hotel was the perfect place to get settled for the afternoon. Tea, cakes, scones, sandwiches and some bubbles were on our mind! The Charlotte Street Hotel was prepping for the holidays and had just put their Christmas tree up – think we’ll have to pay another visit to Colombia Road to pick out ours soon!



Our buttons were busting after all of this food! Had to walk it off on a trip to TopShop of course. Spotted some cute pieces including a trendy black fedora that I had to get my hands on.

Styling out my new chapeau we made our way over to Bourne & Hollingsworth for some cocktails in teacups! Can you guess the theme of the day? These may just be my new favourite thing to drink out of a tea cup.



Hope you’ve had a lovely afternoon!

& what x




&what | London lately.

London has been lovely lately!

The last few weeks have been filled with wayyyyy too many burgers at Shake Shack and Meat Mission (make sure you document your meat face in the photo booth!), even more cocktails at The Social Eating House (The Blind Pig’s Cereal Killer & Silver Screen are simply delightful) and dancing in Dalston at our new fave dive bar, The Alibi. Everyone needs a place where they can be shameless, we’ve found it.

-&what x













&what | NYC awesome list.

This summer was my first time in NYC. Living in Toronto for 20 years, the flight only being 1 hour away with the fancy Porter island airport  – let’s just say it was much overdue. Working with a load of New Yorkas in London it was natural that I asked literally everyone that I knew had ever been to tell me everything!

This is how I ended up with the NYC awesome list. i like to think of it as a little pieces of everyone i know that loves NYC as much as I do. of course, after being there and visiting almost everywhere on the NYC awesome list.

Some of my favourite places on this list were shared with us by one of the greatest ladies who just picked up and moved her life to the fabulous city last month. This lady sent me an email that had literally been forwarded and shared to 10 people before us, guess it’s kind of like a grandma handing down a recipe. But instead, its a recipe for the most awesome trip to NYC – hence the name, naturally.

[drumroolllll please.] here it is in all it’s glory!! hopefully you will get to visit some of these NYC gems and love them as much as i did.

What are your favourite NYC hangouts?




  1. Pulqueria is down an alley in Chinatown on Doyers Lane. Potential celeb spotting place. Amazing legitimate Mexican food and delicious fresh fruit margaritas. It’s underground. Make a reservation.
  2. BAR Pitti. This is between soho and the west village. It’s incredible Italian, sidewalk culture. Ridiculous pastas and salads and pizza. Feels like Europe.
  3. The Cardinal. Southern style. Yum!!! Really cool vibes.
  4. Grimaldi’s Pizza. CHEAP. One in Brooklyn, one on the west side, 5th Ave and 20th. Best pizza in NY, wood ovens, thin crust.


  1. Jack’s Wife Freda on Lafayette is my favouite brunch place. Fresh, light, good prices but delicious. SOOO cute. Awesome lemonade and delicious food.
  2. Lafayette, also on Lafayette street. Owned by the same people as the Dutch (which is around the corner from you) but is definitely the better of the two. Yummy. More expensive that JWF but not crazily so.
  3. Balthazar is the famous, French bistro in Soho. It’s awesome. Expensive. If you don’t feel like it or have time, they have a take out window and you can buy a pain au chocolat or whatever as you browse in Soho. Try make a reso. The MOMA store is across the road. They also just opened one in London if you fancy it.

COCKTAILS, PARTYING (Ok, I’m sure you’ll prefer a dive bar but in CASE you feel like it, here are some amazing places):

  1. The Dead Rabbit is waaaay down at the bottom of the island (but that’s legit only a $10 cab ride from Soho). They’re pretty new and are getting raves. On the ground floor it’s an Irish pub. Totally non assuming, not weird and fancy (like the Aviary). My friend said it was the best lobster roll of her life. They still serve some cocktails down there, along with food. Upstairs is the cocktail lounge with an incredible list.
  2. Apotheke is like an old fashioned apothecary. Bartenders in white coats, a million bottle. But the cocktails are arranged with the properties they have. Tonics, Aphrodesiacs etc.. They’re incredible. The DJs there are always amazing too, but it’s a bar/Lounge vibe, with people drinking and having fun. Not an Underground vibe, wasted and dancing. It’s also underground, down an alley in Chinatown. You wouldn’t know about it if you were just walking by. But the street is Doyers Lane, next to Pulqeria restaurant. And there will be smokers outside and a bouncer so you can spot it.
  3. Little Branch – is pretty good. Opened during the height of the Speakeasy cocktail vibe
  4. Death and Co – prohibition vibe. Just go.
  5. No Malice Palace – the best drunken dancing I did there was at this rando bar  on the LES. It’s chill, regular people.
  6. Le Bain – I haven’t been but I know Le Bain at the Standard is crazy. This is fancy party people.


  1. Gray’s Papaya – Go get mini hotdogs and tropicals slushies at 3am from Gray’s Papaya. $5 for 2 tiny dogs and a drink. The original Grays Papaya, not the knock offs! They’re cheap, hilarious. You’ll have a chance to chat with hookers and cops for suresies.

&what | i heart scotland

Last weekend we took the train to Scotland for the mr.x’s birthday! It was a little surprise that he absolutely loved. We stayed at Hotel du Vin Edinburgh, which has the comfiest bed and biggest bath perfect to fill with bubbles. the breakfast was fabulous and the city was so magical. like taking a step back in time. all the Scottish people were so sweet and happy to help wherever they could. we tasted whisky and learned the difference between single malts and mixes while getting suitably tips. haggis was pretty tasty too until i found out exactly what it was. the castle was a fairytale and yes, they even have weddings there. amazing! we ate well at Angels and Bagpipes, a Michelin starred restaurant on the high street and worked off our dinner with an early morning hike up arthur’s seat. this where i realized just how unfit i actually am. off to hit the gym now!