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Zero plans make for the best days.

Spent Saturday walking around East with a solid crew. My friend Michelle from Toronto stayed over on Friday after a night of bar hopping. Woke up at 6:45AM (stupid body clock). After trying to get back to sleep we decide to get up and make the most the sunshine.

Walking through Brick Lane to Beyond Retro – their original shop with racks on racks of vintage clothes. Walked past the curry houses and dumplings which would have made the perfect cure for the hangover not so much for the beach bod.

Ended up in Shoreditch as per usual. First stop was House of Hackney where I spotted the sink of dreams. Everything in HOH would fit perfectly in my future home, already planning out each room.

Second stop: Artworks Bookshop on Rivington Street. With every obscure magazine and coffee table book you could imagine, this is a place you could spend hours in. Eyed up even more things for the future home.

More home planning at the third stop, a new space that opening on Charlotte Street. W.A.Green. They had Cire Trudon candles that are said to be the ones they made for the Palace of Versailles. A candle fit for a queen? I’ll take that any day.

Only one more day to the weekend now!

-&what x

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&what | parties, ponds and poets.

Swimming in the Hampstead Heath Ponds North London - Andwhat blog

I live for the weekend! It’s a fact. London weekends just have this thing about them that make you feel like you’re on a mini-city break. The key is to have a list of all of the things you want to do, then try to fit as many of them as possible into two full days.

What was on the list last weekend?

Swimming in the Hampstead Heath Mixed Ponds

Dalston Street Feast

Drinks with the girls (at one of our fave places – always East)

XOYO to see Jack Master

and the gym.

The only thing that didn’t happen on that list? I’m sure you can guess.

We started off at Street Feast. If you read &what regularly, you will know that I’ve been there about 20 times just this year. If you haven’t, you NEED to go! And while you’re there, try these little buns of goodness.

A YumBun stall opened recently and being the fan of steamed buns that I am, the chicken buns were calling my name. Deep fried goodness, without the sauce (not a fan of those condiments).

YumBuns at Street Feast in Dalston, North London - andwhat blog

Finished off our YumBuns (surprisingly filling – you can share one portion between two people!) and found the Gin Store. Hidden in the back corner of Street Feast, it felt like a New York City Speak Easy. Grace and I got a gin and tonic that was no joke, 100% gin with one ice cube and a splash of tonic. Definitely the way we like it.

The girls at Street Feast in Dalston London - andwhat blog

After Street Feasting for about 3 hours, getting properly tipsy at The Gin Store, we made our way over to XOYO. JackMaster has a new residence there on Friday nights. We saw him at Field Day and had to be there for the opening night. It was a pure Grime night with some prime sweaty dancing going on.

Post-Jackmaster, pre-hangover hit, we went to the pub. In a state like this, Elderflower cocktails at 11AM are allowed. Our plan was to have a picnic in the park so we popped over to M&S and got two weeks’ worth of food, planning (and successfully) eating it all in one afternoon.

Pondside first though! The Triangl bikinis came out to play and I wish I could say I dove into the waters, but when the water is brown and looks like swampman is about to emerge, I think a slow and steady entrance is appropriate.

Swimming in the Hampstead Heath Ponds in London

Treading water got tiring so we found a spot just behind Parliament Hill to start feasting. Pita and tzatziki, sausage rolls, gin and tonics, olives and sun-dried tomatoes with some brownies to satisfy the sweet tooth. Not exactly your conventional picnic but it had a gourmet twist. We met this little puppy in the field that wanted to play or sneak a sausage roll, bit difficult to tell!

Picnic in the Hampstead Heath Park, North London - Andwhat Blog

Half way through our afternoon, this one of a kind man strolled on over. Boots Bantock is his name. The most charming English man one could come across. His specialty was poetry and Shakespeare. He had a challenge up his sleeve and would rhyme any three words you gave him in a poetry verse. If he couldn’t he would give you a pound.

Moist and Orange were definitely on the list. Yes, he found a way to rhyme them both – clever.

Boots Bantock at the Hampstead Heath park North London - andwhat blog

Boots went on to recite a Shakespearian classic – Hamlet, his favourite and personal choice. A perfect personal show to top off the loveliest afternoon. Back to the grind on Monday, only 5 more days until the next weekend!

What did you get up to this weekend?

-&what x

&what | sunshine in my pocket.

When the sun is shining in London, everyone and everything gets out!

Last Sunday the classic grey London clouds went into hiding for just enough time to turn me into a tomato. The girls and I threw on our summer dresses, popped over to Tesco for some picnic food and strolled on over to Regent’s Park. The park felt like all of London had read our minds and decided to do exactly the same thing.

This is what our afternoon looked like. Books in the sunshine – Apple Tree Yard by Louise Doughty, seriously juicy novel. Playtime in the daisies and photo ops by the fountain. With the added touch of monkeys screeching in the background – Regent’s Park is right beside The London Zoo.

photo 4 photo 3 photo 5 photo 2

So lovely to live in a city like London where you can escape the every day hustle and bustle with a hop, skip and jump to Regent’s Park (or any of the hundred other green spaces). Who needs to book a holiday when you have this? Hope you enjoyed your weekends too.

-&what x

&what | chilli chilli bang bang.

  On the hunt for something to do this weekend? Andwhat has a little spice up their sleeves for you. Head to Chilli Chilli Bang Bang in Dalston Yard, sip down some festival sized tequila cocktails and inhale all chilli everything!

The home of Street Feast, Night Tales and now this, Dalston Yard has made a name for itself as foodie/ hipster/ now spice central.

The torrential downpour meant we had to dodge mini floods while biting into chilli chicken burgers, but once we found shelter we could sit back and watch the rest of the Chilli Bang Bangers run for cover.

photo 3

Saturday afternoon called for catch ups over too many cocktails, more than 1 5-alarm chilli attack, and a reunion with the girls from uni (good old Cardiff days), stories of new jobs in Athens, boys, engagements and grown up things like buying a house with un-grown up things like the hardships of putting together Ikea furniture. Always love how even after 3 years and 3 different countries nothing changes and we’re still the same girls that stayed up and out all night making memories in The Diff. Swear I was getting a bit emosh catching up with them, although it may have been a chilli. Yeah, let’s blame it on the chilli.

photo 4

You have to buy tickets in advance or there are a limited number available on the door. For just over 15 you can get a free ginormous cocktails + a classic corona, 2 pounds off a Wahaca hot sauce and a free cocktail at Wahaca until June. Free(ish) dranks = happy girls and an awesome Saturday! Chilli Chilli Bang Bang is only on until the 10th May but hopefully they keep the flavour alive and bring it back. If not, the same guys that put this on have loads more events here.


&what | les deux.

Last weekend Mr.X and I were excusing our French, because we were in Franceee. High up in the mountain tops at Les Deux Alpes. Mr. X was a brave soldier, strapping on his board and heading straight up to the highest glacier on the mountain. No big deal right? Forgot to mention that he a) does not know how to snowboard, b) did not intend to start learning anywhere near the peak and c) was viciously hungover from the massive bottle of vods we saw off during the 18 hour bus ride (roughing it is necessary when living in London).


Well, I’m sure you could have guessed what happened next. Wipe out. After the next couple hundred ass and body plants, we got some beers and had a little nap. Day 1 done.

                                         DSC_1117 DSC_1083

After filling our bellies with the most delicious fondue we opted for an oldie but goldie night in, snuggling up in our onesies watching Fabric of the Cosmos (a nerdie show, but pure excellence when you make it past the ‘All American’ torture the host puts you through in the first episode). We were ready to conquer that mountain on Day 2.


Hangover free and out on the slopes by 9AM, Mr. X nailed it. Turning down the hills only bum boarding down the black hill I ‘accidentally’ lead him to. Clearly my teaching techniques are more of the sink or swim approach. I quickly found out that wasn’t working and we were stuck on the black hill side of the mountain, less than ideal. The grand idea to take a quick shortcut to the other lift came over me. This quick little stroll back turned into an hour long trek across the side of a mountain, with no Francais person in sight.


That mission called for some Pano bar action. The B E S T Apres Ski I have ever been to. Aside from good old Rusty’s and Kaytoo in Collingwood of course (gotta stay true to the roots!). A DJ blasting ridiculous tunes, mixed with alcoholic hot chocolate, confetti and crowd surfing, all while still in your snowboard gear just can’t be matched.


Woke up to Day 3 with sore heads and sad hearts, saying good bye to Les Duex. Clearly it didn’t want us to leave either after our bus’ tires were slashed causing a 6 hour delay. Which meant more time in Le France! Spent this extra little bit in the Windsor Pub on the high street listening to London Grammar, stag stories from the Welsh boys we met and of course, football.

Already planning Snow Bombing for next year and looking into Summer Boarding. Yes, they have that on this side of the pond! +1 UK living.


&what | time for tea.

The sun was shining, the winter wind was blowing and the kettle was brewing. It was time for tea!

Spent the day touring around my favourite city in the whole world, drinking my favourite thing in the whole world. We started off at the British Museum, getting lost on the way but didn’t mind as Miss D & I had loads to catch up on. Walked around this gorgeous piece of British architecture – have to head back soon for the Shunga: sex and humour in Japanese Art exhibition (steamy!).




After all that walking and being oh so cultured, we deserved a treat. The Charlotte Street Hotel was the perfect place to get settled for the afternoon. Tea, cakes, scones, sandwiches and some bubbles were on our mind! The Charlotte Street Hotel was prepping for the holidays and had just put their Christmas tree up – think we’ll have to pay another visit to Colombia Road to pick out ours soon!



Our buttons were busting after all of this food! Had to walk it off on a trip to TopShop of course. Spotted some cute pieces including a trendy black fedora that I had to get my hands on.

Styling out my new chapeau we made our way over to Bourne & Hollingsworth for some cocktails in teacups! Can you guess the theme of the day? These may just be my new favourite thing to drink out of a tea cup.



Hope you’ve had a lovely afternoon!

& what x




&what | London lately.

London has been lovely lately!

The last few weeks have been filled with wayyyyy too many burgers at Shake Shack and Meat Mission (make sure you document your meat face in the photo booth!), even more cocktails at The Social Eating House (The Blind Pig’s Cereal Killer & Silver Screen are simply delightful) and dancing in Dalston at our new fave dive bar, The Alibi. Everyone needs a place where they can be shameless, we’ve found it.

-&what x













&what | girls just wanna have fun.

this weekend the girls came to london and let me tell you it was a canadian invasion like no other. it was candice’s first time in my favourite city and i loved seeing how much she enjoyed it as much as i do. although now that she’s in paris, we’ve decided she’s a paris girl at heart.

anyways, this weekend we ate like kings, were treated like queens and sometimes even felt like royal princesses when we met an actual prince! yes it happened. and yes we did gangnam style together. but no, if you’re wondering, it wasn’t the legendary harry.

barbecoa/ the folly/ maddox/ a cute cafe in kensington where we had champagne and orange juice to cure the hangover/ harrods/ momo’s/ maddox to do it all over again

&what x

&what | i heart scotland

Last weekend we took the train to Scotland for the mr.x’s birthday! It was a little surprise that he absolutely loved. We stayed at Hotel du Vin Edinburgh, which has the comfiest bed and biggest bath perfect to fill with bubbles. the breakfast was fabulous and the city was so magical. like taking a step back in time. all the Scottish people were so sweet and happy to help wherever they could. we tasted whisky and learned the difference between single malts and mixes while getting suitably tips. haggis was pretty tasty too until i found out exactly what it was. the castle was a fairytale and yes, they even have weddings there. amazing! we ate well at Angels and Bagpipes, a Michelin starred restaurant on the high street and worked off our dinner with an early morning hike up arthur’s seat. this where i realized just how unfit i actually am. off to hit the gym now!


&what | adventuring.

i have one passion, it’s adventuring. ok, and fashion. and making tasty creations. and rocking out to every type of music. and knitting like a nonna. and escaping to magical places on paper. and snow with slopes. and dreaming. and taking pictures of literally everything. and a million and one other things but if i could only have one of those things for the rest of my life – traveling would definitely be it.

this girl is off this weekend on a very exciting excursion to the northern abyss where they eat haggis, all have bright red beards and wear kilts (apparently with nothing underneath – bonus!). Mr. X (as he said i should refer to him on here – i’m rolling with it just because it sounds secret mission-esque) is coming with me. literally can’t wait for this adventure!